Puppet Football Fighters game

Puppet Football Fighters is one of our soccer games, play it at Games18plus. Shoot, kick, score and defeat your opponent. Can you beat all the arena finger puppets and become legend? Destroy other puppet players with free kicks, upgrade your team and collect all the cards. Fighting finger puppet is for adults with some skills to learn all the puppeteer tricks. Choose your favorite finger puppet team and destroy your enemies. Pass like Bluehair Borja, kick like Plague Doctor Zizou and foul. Climb the leagues and unlock amazing new puppet cards. Start mexican waves and see your Welder Nolito on the top of the charts.


Game Controls

  • Use left & right cursors to move, up to jump, down to kick and space to use special skills



  • Physical Form


Release Date

  • July 2019


Public Message

  • If you have a problem talk to someone who can help. Dial 811


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