Horse Racing Derby Quest game

Your a young jockey, racing against other champions from around the world to become a star! Horse Racing Derby Quest game presents you a truly unique management game, free play at You will have to ride horses, compete against other jockeys, manage your stable to increase the performances of your horses, take care of your horses in their haven, and then you will ride your horses in 40 different tracks and derby around the world. Built with Html5 H5, which should run in all browsers directly.


Game Controls

  • Use mouse or touch screen to play. Your horses stable is your haven where you can improve the performance of your jockey and your horses. On the hippodrome, press the on-screen button to whip at the best time, don’t abuse or your horse will stop.



  • Created by PlayTouch


Release Date

  • November 2019


Public Health Message

  • If you have a problem talk to someone who can help. Call 811 in Canada


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