Drum Session

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Have fun in the studio, playing Drum Session. Play to a click like Mr. Pavan while laying down the drum patterns. Be creative with your own drum fills virtually. Drum Session is one of our drummer games, play it in al...

⛹️‍♀️ Three Point Shootout

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Try to sink as many 3-point lay-ups as you can.

Baseball League

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Get ready for a new baseball season. Select the game difficulty and join us for the big Baseball League. Baseball League is one of our baseball games, play it at Games18plus. Play baseball in your browser. More baseba...

Dj Fest Volume 1

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Have fun in the studio, playing Dj Fest Volume 1. Follow the groove of the green music wave to collect points. You'll invest many hours on screens with Dj Fest Volume 1 is one of our djing games, play in all browsers....

Alien Guard 2

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Use Mouse to play. Alien Guard 2 game. Defend the ground upon which you stand. The world is against you, so shoot all who try to take it away. These aliens are working with shaowy figures, through out the world.

🀄 3D Mahjong

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Use Mouse to play. Match the Chinese symbols in 3D Mahjong. A tile-based game that was developed in China during the Qing dynasty and has spread throughout the world since the early 20th century. Have fun.

Techno Sampler

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Have fun in the studio, with Techno Sampler. Create your own royalty free music, simply by activating tabs while listening with your ears. Techno Sampler is one of our music mixer games, play in all browsers. Moore mu...

Dance Dance Blast

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Have fun on the dance floor, playing Dance Dance Blast. Time to show-off your choreographed dance moves. The crowd is waiting with anticipation for your performance. Dance Dance Blast is one of our dance games, play i...

The Boogie Battle

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The Boogie Battle is your intro to dancing games that will entertain you for many hours. Have fun at the dance studio and playing The Boogie Battle game. Are you ready to bring your dancing skills up a notch? Well you...

Sonic Boom Cannon 3D

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Sonic Boom Cannon 3D game. Launch Sonic with a cannon and see how far he can go. Collect the golden rings as you fly bye. Looks great, looks fun, no sonic is crazy fun! More sonic games Sonic Jump Star and Wings Rush....

Monkey Music

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Monkey Music, play the xylophone with monkey. Just follow her lead and repeat what she hits. This is one of our xylophone games, play in all browsers. Monkey Music a addictive xylophone game that will get you hooked t...

Sonic Smash Brothers

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Play with Sonic Smash Brothers, Tails or Knuckles and unlock other characters throughout this demo game. And unlock other characters throughout the game.Reach the goal before the timer runs out. More sonic gamesSonic ...

Sonic Xtreme 2

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Sonic Xtreme 2 returns for another adventure. Run, jump and collect those golden rings. You have extreme speed at your feet, so run like hell. More Sonic games Super Sonic Ski or Sonic Smash Brothers. Have fun! P...

Sonic Angel Island

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In this game:Sonic Angel Island, Sonic is back for another platform adventure game. Enjoy a running good time, while collecting those golden rings. Sonic Angel Island is one of our platform arcade games, play it at Ga...

3D Racer

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Use Arrow Keys or ASWD to drive. 3D Racer down the streets and pass everyone on your way to victory lane. Real racing, drift in the asphalt. 🏁 Racing in multiple races, driving on the streets, full of exciting ch...