FAQ: Mobile Fighting Games

Huge Sumos

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Huge Sumos your in a form of competitive full-contact wrestler, where a (wrestler) attempts to force his opponent out of a the ring.

Wrestle Up

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Wrestle Up is one of our fighting games, play it at Games18plus. these wrestling struggle in the wrestler are ready for action in the ring. The wrestlers are tied to each other and need to avoid the ring ropes. Play a...

Sumo Party

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Sumo Party is a exciting fighting game, free play online. Become a Sumo wrestler but could never find a way to gain enough weight Well now you can play as one of these honorable fighters in this party game. Play with ...

Slide Warriors

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Slide Warriors, a mobile ready battle game. Six warriors are coming to attack your people and take your females. Choose three other members for your attack team. Barbarian, Mage or Healer and take them out in the arena.

Celebrity Party

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Celebrity Party is a exciting wrestling game, free play now. The academy awards sequins and celebrities Then here comes the dinner to end this special day But unfortunetly the celebrities are unpredictable and nothing...

Tug of Heads

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Tug of Heads is a fun wrestling game that can be played for 1 and 2 Player. There are more than 50 levels in the game. The aim of the players is to protect the heads of the characters from danger in wrestling. Game co...

Extreme Hand Slap

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Extreme Hand Slap is a fighting game played by everyone in real life. How fast can you slap your friends hand? First of all choose the hand model and then let the struggle begin! More fighting games Street Fighter 2 H...

Swat vs Zombies

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Swat vs Zombies a guy who alone decided to get to the den of zombies and conduct a hard war there. Your that guy Buy weapons in the store and shoot a zombie from 16 types of weapons.

Sumo io

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Sumo io is a exciting wrestling game. Become the biggest Sumo Wrestler in the world! Eat sushi to put on more weight and push your opponents into the water to win the match. Play with your friends and experience the r...

President Party

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President Party is a exciting fighting game, free play it. An international conference is about to start All the great presidents are present and a very special guest a pink rabbit completely crazy And that's also the...

Pokemon Mega

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Pokemon Mega is a turn-based game. When fighting a battle, each participant takes turns to attack with their monster. Pokemon go through mega evolutions. This makes them even more powerful and unlocks some superb new ...

Stickman Fighter Space War

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Stickman Fighter Space War You are the legend of the village of Stickman Legend, the only force able to withstand and defeat the oncoming waves of evil from Space. Earn money, upgrade your skills, items, buy new weapo...

Fall Boys: Ultimate Knockout

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Fall Boys: Ultimate Knockout gameplay is a free massively multiplayer celebration! Get closer to other 59 players and grab them over their shoulders and spike them to the ground. Be the last boy standing on the plat...

Striker Dummies

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Striker Dummies a fun and creative fighting game in which you control a wooden dummy. The aim is simple, you must try and destroy the other wooden dummy by hitting them with your giant hammer! The winner of this inten...

SnowBall io

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Snowball io is a fun multiplayer fighting game in which you must compete in an epic snow fight! You control a single character and must gather snow into a ball and launch it at your opponents to try and eliminate them...

Shred and Crush

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Shred and Crush is your entrance to knight battles that will entertain you for hours. Be the master of destruction in this awesome fighting game Shred and Crush! Sword fighting with different mythical creatures across...

Tug the Table Classic

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Tug the Table Classic. It's all out war! Were not running for President, No! We are fighting for our families at Thanks giving and Christmas dinner. Battle it out with the governors of the USA.Game controls 1st Player...

Shred and Crush 2

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Shred and Crush 2 is the sword fighting second edition against a multitude of mythical creatures across the battlefields. Eliminate all creatures big and small before they take your life. Prove you have the power to w...