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Subtraction Practice

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Subtraction Practice. This is a math subtraction practicing educational game. Solve subtraction problems like you would on paper or a notebook. Check your subtraction skills and see how fast you can subtract. Built w...

Matt vs Math

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Matt vs Math is a fun brainteaser game in which you have to solve equations that are designed around the numbers 1, 2 and 3. Three numbers, two operators and three results to choose from, this is all it takes to make ...

Flag Trivia

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Flag Trivia, right now there are not less than 193 different countries in the world. Do you think you know all their flags? You start the game easy by choosing flags from Northern America or Europe, but as you progres...

X Ray Math Formulas

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X Ray Math Formulas is a fun math game with multiple branches of Number theory. Click on a square to the left of the X-ray bar and move it to the X-ray bar to reveal the arithmetic problem it contains. Once you determ...

Chalkboard Sums

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Chalkboard Sums is a math game. Create valid sums with the tiles on the chalkboard. Use numbers and operators to create valid sums. Use at least the number of tiles indicated and use more to score bonus points. More m...

Jungle Balloons Rounding

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Jungle Balloons Rounding is a math game. Drag and drop the number which rounds up or down to it. Get 100 points for correct drop and loose 50 for wrong drop. You have to get 500 points to complete a level. More math g...

Rapid Math

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Rapid Math is a math skills game. Type the correct answer. Solve math operations as fast as possible, gets more difficult as you progress. More math games Math Pinball plus Mathematics. Have fun! Touch the screen...


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Mathematics is a simple addition and subtraction math game. More aimed at the beginner, with 50 levels of math which progressively gets harder. more maths Math Whizz or Jolly Jong Math. Have fun! Use your mouse a...

Science Quiz

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Test your knowledge of science in Science Quiz. Knowledge is organized into the form of testable explanations. Are you willing to take the test? Science Quiz a addictive combination that will get you hooked to the scr...

Fast Math 2

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In Fast Math 2 game. Solve math questions as fast as you can. For each question, the difficulty increase and the time gets shorter. How long can you keep up? More math games Mathematics plus Math Matador Equations. Le...

In Short

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In Short is a word spelling game, free play. An intellectual pastime awaits you. Give answers to questions in different directions. This will help to accumulate vocabulary, show imagination, train memory and thinking....

Arithmetic Line

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Arithmetic Line is a problem, you need to calculate and find out the operation to answer. While finding the answer you need to avoid collisions with miscalculation. Arithmetic Line is a addictive math game, free play ...

Stencil Art

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Stencil Art. Spray paint inside the lines as you create new art! A fun online game where your goal is to spray fast to fill in all of the stencils to reveal the photo.Tap and hold to paint


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Calculame, solve mathematical calculations before your time runs out. Unlock skills and aids to achieve the highest possible score-Overcome your limit. Try to reach the third difficulty before time runs out. Calculame...

Maths Fun

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Maths Fun addictive educational game. This game is best for one who wants to learn math without a brain hemorrhage. Maths Fun is one of our math games, play it. Use mouse to play the game.

Word Wood

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Word Wood is fun spelling puzzle game. In this game you have to spell the correct word of the particular genre. Word Wood is one of our spelling games. Built with Html5, which should run in all browsers.Scrambled Word...

Scatty Maps Europe

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Scatty Maps Europe is one of our geography games, play it at Games18plus. Built with Html5, which should run in all browsers. Great educational geography game. Maps of European countries are scattered around. Place th...

Fishing Guru

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Fishing Guru is one of our typing games. Built with Html5, which should run in all browsers. You're sitting on a boat in the middle of a lake. Calm waters. Suddenly, a mob of angry looking fish start coming at you. Ty...