FAQ: Zombie Games

Zombie Shooter Deluxe

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Zombie Shooter Deluxe. There are much horror zombie you should kill until zombie war is ended. Kill them. Horror zombie madness with war shooting like zombie world or zombie simulator game.More free games like Zom...

Tuk Tuk Crazy Driver

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Tuk Tuk Crazy Driver. Drive your tuk tuk as fast as possible to crush zombies. You are the best tuk tuk driver of the city. Citizens need you because a hord of zombies has invaded the town, and you must plow into them.

Zombies Eat All

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Zombies Eat All. A crowd of zombies struck, they eat all the things. You need to eliminate them with your chainsaw or they'll eat you.Use Up arrow key to jump or tap to jump button on screen, double click on the U...

Zombies City

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Zombies City. You've visited the wrong city, this one is full of zombies. Build your zombie city and attack other zombies. Gather people around the city for a zombie feeding frenzy.Bullet Fury and Underground drif...

The Last Stand

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The Last Stand is a 3D first person survival shooter. Survive on the land, where life is no more a thing. Everywhere is a death. The player starts with 3 weapons. One range 9mm pistol and 2 melee weapons. Survive the ...

ZombieCraft 2

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ZombieCraft 2 is one of our adventure rpg games. Select a character, and gear up with axe, swords or any item and kill the zombies. Show your friends how many you kill zombies ? if you kill 50 zombies you will go next...

Zombies Shooter

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Zombies Shooter. Destroy all the zombies. You have many obstacles and the destruction of zombies will not be easy. Use the obstacles to help ricochet the bullets and kill. Use mouse to aim and shoot

Blocky Warfare Aweper Zombie

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Blocky Warfare Aweper Zombie a multiplayer with real players around the world. You get 24 guns locked waiting you to play in high quality of maps block and pixilated maps. Cool Attachments for each gun and now we have...

Zombies vs Finger

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Zombies vs Finger is a exciting fighting game, free play in all browsers directly. Feel like you could survive a nuclear explosion in a fridge and you think you could push back an invasion of zombies! The undead are a...

Zombies Night 2

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Zombies Night 2 is a first person shooting game. In the dark night zombies come out and attack city. Your mission is to protect the city and kill all zombies. A thrilling walking dead game is here. More gamesUs...

Zombie Shooter

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Zombie Shooter is one of our zombie spaghetti western games, play it at Games18plus. Shoot Zombies direct hits of bullets, as well as the rebound! Share what you’re capable of and destroy all the zombies as fast as po...

Horse Riding Simulator

42.63K Played0 Comments

Horse Riding Simulator. Do you want to be a real cowboy and ride a horse in a battle with zombies? Zombies came up from their graves and they are everywhere.

ZombieHunter io

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ZombieHunter io is a addictive zombie game. Get ready to defeat zombies and gain experience to level up fast. Eliminate other opponents to become the last survivor in the battle. Hunt zombies, keep alive and save. The...

Zombie Avenue

41.55K Played0 Comments

Zombie Avenue. Your city still resists to this mysterious infection, but the question is how long? Get in the armored vehicle and clean the lands from danger. Your friends rely on you. Choose one of five cars and go o...

Battle Royale Gun Rage

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Battle Royale Gun Rage is a extreme shooter game, free play. Shoot against bots soldier and enemies in a multiplayer fps. Zombies attacks depend on what mode you choose, you have also survival game where you can fight...

Zombie Drive

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Zombie Drive. Love killing zombies? That's good to hear, because we want you to squish them like bugs. Just drive over them and watch them burst!

Last Knight

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Last Knight is one of our battle games. Fight the evil that lies at the forests edge to protect the world of sin. So, you want to help or not? You'll have to marry my sister! Okay back to the quest, beat the stronger ...

Residence of Evil Quarantine

35.84K Played0 Comments

Residence of Evil Quarantine. Fight your way through the infected city and discover the truth about the deadly virus outbreak. You are one of the survivors from a zombie apocalypse. Made with Unity, which is compatibl...