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Happy Superhero Racing

77.52K Plays

Happy Superhero Racing. Remember playing Mario kart. This is a really fun cartoon racing game, just like it. Drive cars owned by superheroes which transform. There are power-ups, coins to collect, upgrades and magic c...

Miami Crime Simulator 3D

64.78K Plays

Miami Crime Simulator 3D a Gta, fps game for adults. Exclusive crime fighting in Florida neighborhoods within Miami. Your a police officer who's aim is to clear Miami of crime. You can steal vehicles, auto, car, tank,...

Sprint Club Nitro

64.37K Plays

Sprint Club Nitro. Formula racing series game. Nine difficult tracks. Race one of twenty cars, collect nitro boosts to be first at the finish line. Spend your winnings on car upgrades.


63.44K Plays

Galaxystrife is an awesome online io shooter. Battle enemy spacecraft from the world. Maneuver your ship, while dodging laser blasts and explosions. Collect power-ups and ship upgrades from destroyed vessels. Wield va...

Rocket Clash 3D

61.81K Plays

Rocket Clash 3D a third-person shooter game for adults. Lead a platoon of troopers who are trying to take back control a military weapons base. Your weapons are a tactical AKS and an amazing and deadly hidden rocket l...

Motorbike Racing

56.02K Plays

Motorbike Racing. Race your motorcycle on four tracks. Get upgrades when you win to get a better bike.

KillStreak tv

53.77K Plays

KillStreak tv is a 3rd-person multiplayer shooter game for adults. How fast can you pull the trigger of a gun? Your a cop in the craziest, whacked out town in the land. Defeat your opponents, pick-up new gear and cust...

Paper Flight

52.11K Plays

Paper Flight. Pick up a paper airplane and throw it as far as you can. Collect lucky stars to help you improve the paper plane. Let's see your plane fly, and discover new places!

Crazy Traffic

42.44K Plays

Crazy Traffic. An awesome car game where you can test your driving skills in heavy traffic. Avoid colliding with the other cars on the road as you drive.

EV io

40.74K Plays

EV io a futuristic Halo-esque first person shooter for adults. Play private games with your friends or play ranked public games. Earn in-game currency based on your performance to purchase skins and other cosmetics. N...

Blocky Combat Strike Zombie Survival

36.84K Plays

Blocky Combat Strike Zombie Survival a fps game for adults. With multiple game modes and can be played both in multiplayer or single player. Check out Sniper 3D Gun Shooter and Gamse Games.WASD or arrow keys to...

Sniper Reloaded

36.79K Plays

Sniper Reloaded a shooting game for adults. The bad guys are shooting it out on the ground. Your job is to snipe them from a roof top before they come to get you. Check out Hit Duck and Gamse Games.Use Left mou...


35.49K Plays

Magikmon an awesome game in which you must capture different types of monsters and use them to battle! The magical world you live in is packed full with weird and wonderful monsters – these monsters pose a real threat...

Best Battle Cover Royale

34.73K Plays

Best Battle Cover Royale a fps game for adults. Only a few heroes can prevent the apocalypse. The best warriors met, but they fell in huge argue. Luckely, there is one thing that unite them all and it is love for kill...

Pixel Forces

34.70K Plays

Pixel Forces a fps game for adults. Join the war in 5 multiplayer game modes: Rpg, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Engage in Battle Royale, 3d maps with trampoline platforms. Room options include max players, private, ni...

Super Oscar

33.80K Plays

Super Oscar is the greatest platform adventure for teens and adults! Everything has been carefully designed for you to have a lot of fun! We warn you, it´s not an easy game so good luck! The game includes: 6 beautiful...

Crazy Pixel Apocalypse 3

30.84K Plays

Crazy Pixel Apocalypse 3 a fps game for adults. Play in the arena, on the bridge, at the house. Select your weapons and go kill some enemies. Bots are in the ranks of people as well as zombies. So beware of all. Check...

Base Defense

30.77K Plays

Base Defense a shooter game for adults. Your part of the hoodlum defense force. Armed with sword's and a machine gun you go on a killing spree. Check out Cube City Wars and Gamse Games.Use mouse to play or orde...

Sky Invasion

30.47K Plays

Sky Invasion is here to deliver the excitement. Have you always wanted to pilot a space ship and eliminate all enemies that come your way? Or maybe you just want to explore the galaxy and eliminate the alien threat? A...

Slendrina Must Die The School

28.77K Plays

Slendrina Must Die The School a fps game for adults. Find 8 fuse links that are scattered throughout the school.Those fuses will open a a classroom door, for a special student! Find Slendrina's teddy bear to get somet...

Extreme Ball

27.89K Plays

Extreme Ball a fun rolling maze game for adults. Play all levels, get coins and buy bigger faster balls. Fantastic game play and accurate physics for Extreme Ball enthusiasts. Check out more Gamse Games and time of a...