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Fishing Guru

44 Plays

Fishing Guru is one of our typing games. Built with Html5, which should run in all browsers. You're sitting on a boat in the middle of a lake. Calm waters. Suddenly, a mob of angry looking fish start coming at you. Ty...

Defend The Beach Typing

39 Plays

Defend The Beach Typing. Sound the alarm! Typing to defend against a beach invasion. Your weapon of choice? Your trusty fingers in Defend The Beach Typing! Word typing as fast as you can shoot, in order to take down e...

Zombie Typing

37 Plays

Zombie Typing. Learn to type. Kill the Zombies by Typing and spelling words correctly. Mistakes will let the zombies attack and kill you! When zombies appear type word under the zombie to kill them. More typing games ...

Monster Typer

25 Plays

Monster Typer. Type Fight with fingers typing out words that appear on the screen! In a Typing game, find monsters and give them a finger! More free games like Monster Typer Zombie Typing, and Typo Trooper. Have fun! ...