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Microsoft Ultimate Word Games

136.64K Plays

Play Microsoft Ultimate Word Games at Games 18Plus! The ultimate collection of the best free word games online: Crosswords, Wordament, and Word Twister.

Google Feud

95.63K Plays

Google Feud is a online trivia game similar to Family Feud. Created by Justin Hook. You have to answer How to Try and guess what Google will suggest. In Google feud!

Flower Dimensions

63.75K Plays

Flower Dimensions a mahjong board game for adults. Discover a wonderland with flowers in a ancient Chinese board game. Combine two of the same free flowers. Check out farming puzzles or Gamse Games. Have fun!Cl...

Forest Mahjong

42.77K Plays

Forest Mahjong a board game for adults. Discover animals in the forest within this mahjong game. Combine tiles in pairs of the same and remove all tiles. Check out Daily Crossword or Gamse Games. Have fun!Clic...

Color Rash

34.41K Plays

Color Rash. A fast paced color switching game? Shoot the right color and destroy all vortex, to complete a level but dont miss the color. A fast paced color switching game. Collect diamonds and buy new awesome ships.

Trivia King

32.64K Plays

Trivia King a quiz game for adults. How good is your general trivia knowledge? Compete with friends in this fast-paced, rapid fire multiplayer trivia quiz. Answer questions from topics such as general knowledge, pop c...

Ludo Wars

31.66K Plays

Ludo Wars a classic board game for adults. Be the first player to move all of your pieces to the end goal. Watch out for trap spaces and enemy pieces. Check out traffic io or Gamse Games. Have fun!Click or tap ...

Party Jong

28.74K Plays

Party Jong a fun mahjong solitaire game for adults. Combine 2 of the same free tiles until you clear the board or there are no further combination available. Check out Japan Castle Mahjong or Gamse Games. Have fun! ...

Japan Castle Mahjong

27.67K Plays

Japan Castle Mahjong a board game for adults. Mahjong set in ancient Japan. Combine two of the same free tiles to remove the two tiles. Remove all tiles from the layout. Check out Forest Mahjong or Gamse Games. Have ...

Animal Mahjong

26.70K Plays

Animal Mahjong a board game for adults. Hundreds of relaxing mahjong puzzles and become the mahjong solitaire master. Remove all tiles in pairs of the same free tiles. Check out adam and eve go 2 or Gamse Games. Have...

Get 13

26.42K Plays

Get 13 is a numerical puzzle game. Link 13 pucks together. It's harder than you think.

Save kitten

25.34K Plays

Angry Tom Cat decoyed kittens into his tower. Save as many kitties as you can! Run, catch them with a trampoline, and carry them to their Mother Cat’s basket! Kittens are desperate for your help. Who will save them, i...

Real Chess Online

22.86K Plays

Practice with an AI or play with a friends. Show off your brain power! For 2 Players you can set the time per move, increments, and total time per player.

Save The Princess

18.58K Plays

Dozens of puzzles waiting for you to challenge and successfully complete. Are you her warrior? There are many different levels in the game, you need to use your wisdom to take risks.

Bomber Man

17.79K Plays

Bomber Man is fun logic game. Push boxes or crates into target points to complete a level. There are 70-levels with different difficulties. You can extend or create your own level design using “Level Editor”. Controls...

Jolly Jong Math

17.64K Plays

Jolly Jong Math a board game for adults. Test your Math skills with mahjong. Click on 2 tiles that make the given number with the given operator. Check out adam and eve go 2 or Gamse Games. Have fun!Click or Ta...

Snake Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge

16.47K Plays

Snake Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge. Hours of snake biting fun, reassembling these images that form a classic jigsaw puzzle. After enabling piece rotation you can rotate a piece by double clicking/ tapping on it or pressing...

Microsoft Minesweeper

16.44K Plays

That has been a part of Windows for more than 20 years, now re-imagined. Expert Level: Players who want a different level of challenge can try the Expert game mode! Be careful, a minefield that large can defeat even t...

Hexa Cars

14.27K Plays

The goal is to survive to the last player on different levels without falling down! Each different map requires a different skill. For 1 player or 2 players. You can unlock new cars with the coins you collect.

Bubble Shooter Puddings

11.06K Plays

Tasty puddings and power ups. Aim and release the items in order to make a group of three. Use power-ups to overcome the challenges.

Fish Story

10.44K Plays

Newest underwater match-3 game that comes with fresh new graphics, a catchy tune, and lots of improvements! Meet your new host, Poseidon himself. He will be pleased to guide you on your adventure through more than 700...