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Lego Block Puzzle

107.38K Plays

Lego Block Puzzle given are placed on the board. Filled with whole rows or columns, and eliminated in whole rows. Get a high score.HowTo Play: Tap or swipe the screen to playNo App DownloadsContains...

Tetris Game Boy

51.64K Plays

Play classic Tetris unblocked. Tetris Game Boy by Yupi. Fit the blocks together to create a horizontal line, which removes the blocks. Played by 512,996 people and has been rated 8.3 / 10 by 3,512 people. Made with Ht...

Falling Ice Creams Match

41.66K Plays

Falling Ice Creams Match. Shuffle and shift the falling group of ice-creams so that they can form a horizontal or a vertical or a diagonal line of similar ice-creams anywhere in the board. Don’t let the board filled t...

Jewels Blocks Puzzle

27.38K Plays

Jewels Blocks Puzzle is a addictive puzzle game. Drag and drop jewel blocks to fill the empty gap. Complete a row to score points. Complete 2 rows or more to score bonus points. Play until you run out of turns. Fans o...

Kitty Blocks

4.34K Plays

Kitty Blocks. Kitties have invaded! "Bossy" the serious looking cat that deep down is good as Gold. "Miss Snotty" stylish and charming but a little spoiled and many others! Score as many points as possible to discover...

Parrot And Friends

4.14K Plays

Parrot And Friends is one of our fun arcade games that you can play for Free. Pet tetris, survive as long as possible, having fun making lines and combos. Try to reach the next levels an beat your highest score! Made ...

Blocks Battle

2.55K Plays

Blocks Battle. Classic tetris is here. Fit the blocks together to win! Have fun!

Cubes 3D

1.02K Plays

Cubes 3d. Who has the Biggest brain on the Block! Completing top layers gives more score than the bottom, so to get better score players need to think and risk building on the top. Cubes 3D is a Tetris game, free play...


49 Plays

Simply drag the blocks and fill up all colored grids. Once you start, you will get hooked. TenTrix is one of our tetris games, play it at Games18plus. Built in Html5 which should run in all browsers

Rotating Rubiks Cube

35 Plays

Rotation these colorful tiles in a 3d environment. Try to build a completes square frame.

Blocks Puzzle

27 Plays

Move these blocks around to solve logic puzzles.


7 Plays

SpaceTris is a space tetris game. Drop down the different shaped bricks and fill the lines. The more lines you fill the wider the playing area. More arcade games Tapman and Power Pinball. Have fun!Move with the ...

Blocks Sliding Tetriz

5 Plays

This is a Blocks Sliding Tetriz game. Drag and drop the blocks from left to right or from right to left, in order to fill a complete row of blocks to eliminate them. Collect more rows at a time to get more score. More...