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Forest Survival

81.93K Plays

Forest Survival is one of our survivor games. Your game character has fallen in the forest as a result of a plane crash must find food and shelter, as well as defend yourself from frightening native cannibals.

The Last Stand

63.29K Plays

The Last Stand is a 3D first person survival shooter for teens and adults. Survive on the land, where life is no more a thing. Everywhere is a death. The player starts with 3 weapons. One range 9mm pistol and 2 melee ...

ZombieCraft 2

54.30K Plays

ZombieCraft 2 is one of our adventure rpg games. Select a character, and gear up with axe, swords or any item and kill the zombies. Show your friends how many you kill zombies ? if you kill 50 zombies you will go next...

Halloween Survival

53.49K Plays

Halloween Survival a survival adventure game for adults. Darkness falls across the land, start this survival adventure! The objective of this game is to collect weapons, and kill the evil that only comes out on Hallow...

Blocky Wars Advanced Combat SWAT

53.29K Plays

Blocky Wars Advanced Combat SWAT free to play against fighting much enemy AI like soldier and zombie, 5 game modes like gun game, survival, TDM, DM and much more, multiplayer play with friends and offline with 40 leve...

Zombie Survival Shooter

52.34K Plays

Zombie Survival Shooter, a mobile ready shooter game. Zombies and zombie dog attack in modern city, kill all zombie and save your city. More than 5 brand new Zombie missions to compete in and complete- 8 Weapons (PIST...

Alien Storm

51.72K Plays

Alien Storm a fps game for adults. Bugs are hard to kill. You have tons of bullets with their names on it. You have the shooting skills we need to take out these little buggers. Check out Knight Princess Rescue and Ga...

Pixel Force

47.99K Plays

Pixel Force a multiplayer first person shooter game for adults. Your character is pixelated like in Minecraft. Find a hell-hole and pick off your opponents, one by one. Play at home or at work! Check out Gamse Games ...

Airport Clash 3D

47.79K Plays

Airport Clash 3D a shooting game for adults. Have fun shooting up the airport. Lead the Bloodhounds raider gang to capture an important abandoned airport location from a rival gang, the Vipers. Unleash the power and r...

Mad Out Los Angeles

47.76K Plays

Mad Out Los Angeles a gta game for adults and teens. you will have to shoot all the enemies via tanks, Planes. You have a huge vehicle park of autos, bikes, boats which are provided with realistic physics. Tons of wea...

Bomb The Bridge

47.22K Plays

Bomb The Bridge is one of our destruction games. Plant C4 bombs anywhere on the bridge. Wait for enemy troops to cross, then detonate them. Blow up 100% of the bridge and eliminate all troops to score 3 stars. Blow up...

Pixel Battle Royale Multiplayer

43.77K Plays

Pixel Battle Royale Multiplayer a fps game for adults. Be part of a battle where no one is a winner, only if you give all your heart into the fight. There will be only one survival at the end. Create a room that can b...

Underwater Cycling Adventure

42.94K Plays

Underwater Cycling Adventure is one of our bicycle racing games, play it at Games18plus. Built with Html5, which should run in all browsers.

Best Combat Arena 2020

42.49K Plays

Best Combat Arena 2020 a action shooter game for adults. Team vs team and players vs other players' zombie. Our offline is special where you can fight with enemy with different gun and limited ammo to make more awesom...

Blocky Swat Shooting IceWorld Multiplayer

42.14K Plays

Blocky Swat Shooting IceWorld Multiplayer with real players around the world. 9 guns waiting you to play in high quality of maps block and pixilated maps. 20 Cool Attachments for each gun and now we have a nice ice wo...


42.04K Plays

RoboStorm a fun shooting game for adults. Saddle up storm-trooper, it's time to take these insurgents down. Put on your robo exo-skeleton which gives you the strength of a 1000 men and head into battle. Play at home o...

Battle Royale Gun Rage

41.28K Plays

Battle Royale Gun Rage is a extreme shooter game, free play. Shoot against bots soldier and enemies in a multiplayer fps. Zombies attacks depend on what mode you choose, you have also survival game where you can fight...

Infinity Battlefield Ops

40.28K Plays

Infinity Battlefield Ops is a commando war game, free play it directly. Shoot to kill in special ops with different army guns and survive in this survival action. It’s time to take an action in the battlefield as an a...

Terrorist Shootout

40.12K Plays

Terrorist Shootout a shooter game for adults. You are a soldier, infiltrating an enemy town that is full of terrorists. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to kill enough of the terrorists to pass each le...

Martian Zombie Survival

39.88K Plays

Martian Zombie Survival a fps game for adults. Fight against interstellar aliens. Play a death-match fps sci-fi game, where killing is sport. Find 13 energy cells so you can take off. More amigo pancho 2 and Gamse Gam...

Penguin Battle

37.67K Plays

Penguin Battle a fun shooting game for adults. Penguin has to save his home from other enemy attackers. Blow them to bits so good can survive Play at home or at work! Check out Gamse Games and halloween skeleton smas...