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Huge Sumos

34.29K Plays

Huge Sumos your in a form of competitive full-contact wrestler, where a (wrestler) attempts to force his opponent out of a the ring.

Sumo Party

33.13K Plays

Sumo Party is a exciting fighting game, free play online. Become a Sumo wrestler but could never find a way to gain enough weight Well now you can play as one of these honorable fighters in this party game. Play with ...

Celebrity Party

31.53K Plays

Celebrity Party is a exciting wrestling game, free play now. The academy awards sequins and celebrities Then here comes the dinner to end this special day But unfortunetly the celebrities are unpredictable and nothing...

Sumo io

26.42K Plays

Sumo io is a exciting wrestling game. Become the biggest Sumo Wrestler in the world! Eat sushi to put on more weight and push your opponents into the water to win the match. Play with your friends and experience the r...

President Party

26.34K Plays

President Party is a exciting fighting game, free play it. An international conference is about to start All the great presidents are present and a very special guest a pink rabbit completely crazy And that's also the...

Sumo Saga

509 Plays

Sumo Saga. Its a single tap based game just tap on screen to jump on poles. Tap fast so sumo can climb to mountains. Sumo Saga is a exciting japanese Sfx game, free play in all browsers directly. On every game-over ba...