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Gobble Dash

75.24K Plays

Gobble Dash is the classic snake game. Candy is so sweet! Gobble them down before you explode or you'll get a bad tummy ache! More free games like Gobble Dash: Candy Monster, and Candy Crush.What is a Video Game m...

3D Snake

71.46K Plays

3D Snake is one of our retro arcade games, play it at Games18plus. Built with Html5, which should run in all browsers.  Game ControlsUse the menu in the top right corner to enable first-person view. ...

Worms Zone

63.65K Plays

Worms Zone is one of our classic arcade games, free play it. Go in all directions and feed your snake to grow, but be careful, do not let bigger snakes, eat the yours. This Snake wants to eat all kinds of fast foods l...

Blocky Snakes

60.46K Plays

Blocky Snakes. Slithering snakes in a 3d world where player to join in the match in order to beat others. Rule to become the grand snake in game is to eat others and grow longer. with power ups and collect able items ...

Big Snake

57.33K Plays

The classic game of Big Snake. Control these Snakes is simple, as using a joystick button. The worm will continuously slither in the direction of your finger, so turning your worm is as simple as moving your joystick ...

Santa Snake

33.49K Plays

Santa Snake. A multiplayer IO game with a cute Christmas snake. In this game, you must battle against other Christmas snakes to create the largest and most deadly snake in existence. Move around the map and collect th...

Fruit Snake Challenge

28.63K Plays

Fruit Snake Challenge. Play classic snake with a fruity twist game. This silly snake isn't like his friends. While most snakes pray on smaller animals, this snake prefers to eat fruit instead. Unfortunately, his eyesi...

Deep Worm

28.33K Plays

Deep Worm is a killing game that you can play for free on Games18Plus. Survive and destroy all military that you can. Just like the Effing Worms series of games.

Snake Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge

16.47K Plays

Snake Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge. Hours of snake biting fun, reassembling these images that form a classic jigsaw puzzle. After enabling piece rotation you can rotate a piece by double clicking/ tapping on it or pressing...

Worms io Multiplayer

49 Plays

Worms io Multiplayer a creepy crawly for adults. Grow as big as you can when you collect colorful spears. The bigger worm you are the better because you can easily defeat smaller worms and the bosses in the game. . Ha...

Real Snakes io

40 Plays

Real Snakes io a arcade game for adults. Do you hate snakes? It's ok if you don't because their of no threat to you. Just have to save yourself from exploding. Try not to touch your head with other players. The more y...

Snakes and Ladders

36 Plays

Snakes and Ladders a classic board game. Roll the dice and move player. Try to hit the ladders to advance in the game of Snakes and Ladders. More board games Spark Chess or Monkey And Banana. Have fun!Touch the ...

Snake Battle

32 Plays

Snake Battle a arcade classic for adults. Eat everything except the other snakes. Top the leader-boards in this fun online snake game.Use mouse or tap controls to move.

Cool Snakes

26 Plays

Cool Snakes is slithering snakes game in 3d snowy world. Become the grand snake in game by eating others and grow longer. Collect powers ups to grow faster. Good Luck. More snake games Worms (io) Multiplayer or Santa ...

Soccer Snakes

19 Plays

Play Soccer Snakes at Games 18Plus!

Gluttonous Snake

8 Plays

Gluttonous Snake a fun puzzle for adults. Don't make any mistakes (hit itself) or you'll find yourself backing up to the beginning. More puzzle games Jewel puzzle blocks and Gamse Games. Have fun!Hold your fing...