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Burnin Rubber Cartapult

93.45K Plays

Burnin Rubber Cartapult is the game for those with rubber to burn! Take each unlockable vehicle, adorn with drums of gasoline and cartapult into the city to cause maximum mayhem and destruction! Look out for secrets a...

Parking Car Crash

64.32K Plays

Parking Car Crash is one of our parking game. Fight with smart ai cars and also with real players, try multiplayer or campaign and destroy any car you see in maps, you can customize your car by choosing color, Nitro, ...

Whack a Mole

63.56K Plays

Whack a Mole. The moles are coming, ruining every ones lawn. Fun theme and fast paced. Whack them back to oblivion. Whack as many moles as you can. Have fun!

Birdy Smash

62.43K Plays

Birdy Smash is a simple yet challenging fast paced arcade game, free play it. Smash, smash, smash as many angry birds as you can! And watch the nice bird. Use the unique powers of the Totems to destroy the angry bird!...

Crazy Demolition Derby

62.41K Plays

Crazy Demolition Derby Online. Show everyone how skilled driver you are and not just that! You just found a new demolition derby game. It is not a boring artificial intelligence! Compare your strength with other playe...

Castle Siege

58.63K Plays

Castle Siege. Use your cannon ball to destroy the foundations of the castle structure. When the castle structure falls, the guards will be eliminated. Remember to avoid hurting the hostages! Aim your cannonball to spl...

T Rally

58.47K Plays

T Rally. A awesome driving game sim. Drive rally cars hard and fast. Try to run over all terrorists on route to winning.

Car Bomb

57.23K Plays

Car Bomb. Your out for a nice drive, when your informed there is a bomb in your vehicle. Speed through traffic or your car will go boom!

Angry Gran

52.47K Plays

Angry Gran is one of our beat em up games. Play the game that began the Gran series and take to the streets and whack those punk neighbors! Cause destruction in the streets and use your weapons to rid the streets of t...

Stack Fall

48.42K Plays

Stack Fall. Smash the rings, but watch out for black space. Stack Fall. Timing and height of bounces is everything.Use the mouse to click.More free games like Stack Fall : Flip Jump, and Free Fall 2What is...

Break The Wall 2021

48.35K Plays

Break The Wall 2021. Smash the walls, set yourself free from the boring energy of office space, classroom or crowded streets. Breaking walls will make you feel alive and stronger than ever.HowTo Play Use up arro...

Super SUV Driving

42.97K Plays

Hit the open road in a sports SUV. Try to be the first to burn the tires off the rims. I course you can always go home to your Mama instead!

Highway Traffic

42.48K Plays

Highway Traffic. Car models, the classic sedan to sports car. Fun traffic game with a diversity of game modes and car models by JulGames.More free driving games like Highway Traffic : Highway Car Chase, and Extre...

Zombie Avenue

41.55K Plays

Zombie Avenue. Your city still resists to this mysterious infection, but the question is how long? Get in the armored vehicle and clean the lands from danger. Your friends rely on you. Choose one of five cars and go o...

Mega Car Crash

41.07K Plays

Mega Car Crash. Play demolition derby and destroy all your opponents. If you want to make sport then play football! Red against blue who will win? The bomb mode challanges you to hold a bomb for 60 seconds. You have o...

Zombie Drive

40.44K Plays

Zombie Drive. Love killing zombies? That's good to hear, because we want you to squish them like bugs. Just drive over them and watch them burst!

Motorbike Rider

40.20K Plays

Motorbike Rider. Ride, ride, ride. Jump over the hills, make turns, enjoy the environment. The second option of entertainment is race on time. Follow the helicopter that drops explosive barrels on the ground. Go to th...

Crash Day Demolition Dubai Arena

38.15K Plays

Crash Day Demolition Dubai Arena by Smartlinegames. Get ready for unbelievable fun while crashing. Strap yourself in the drivers seat of a demolition derby car. Located at a nearby airport in the UAE you will face var...

Traffic Car Revolt

36.43K Plays

Traffic Car Revolt is a racing game that you can play on Games18plus. Race against the cities local commuters. Weave in and out of traffic without causing an accident with your car.

Traffic Crash

34.51K Plays

Traffic Crash. Drive through the crowded streets without causing a car crash.

Shell Shockers

34.12K Plays

Shell Shockers a egg shooter game for adults. These eggs are cracking back! Brandish a collection of bullet blasting weapons against a carton of eggs. You must crack the other eggs online, while avoid being fried your...