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Forest Survival

81.93K Plays

Forest Survival is one of our survivor games. Your game character has fallen in the forest as a result of a plane crash must find food and shelter, as well as defend yourself from frightening native cannibals.

GoodGame Empire

78.50K Plays

GoodGame Empire. Build your own empire, create a powerful army and fight epic player versus player battles. Crush your enemies, conquer land and rise to be the ruler of a mighty empire! Do you have what it takes to ta...

Taxi City

63.48K Plays

Taxi City. Driver transport your customers to a rural big city full of hotels, skyscrapers and missing people walking in the streets. It's not a problem, after all, because like a modern driver. Taxi app for getting c...

Helicopter Parking and Racing Simulator

45.43K Plays

Helicopter Parking and Racing Simulator is a Helicopter Simulation game that you can play on Games18Plus for Free. Fly your helicopters and land it on a roof-top.

City Coach Bus Simulator

41.42K Plays

City Coach Bus Simulator by VseiGru. Become a real bus driver in a tourist mecha! With realistic maps, incredible vehicles that will make you feel like driving a real bus. Made with Webgl technology will run in most b...

Train Driver Simulator 3D

40.40K Plays

Train Driver Simulator 3D by Vseigru. Locomotives, steam engines on the railroad. Do Not forget to signal oncoming trains before you pass. A great 3d train simulator game fun for everyone. More train games: Railroad R...

Dog Simulator 3D

37.40K Plays

Dog Simulator 3D is one of our dog racing game. A racing game for dog lovers. This game has very exciting features like dog selection, color selection level selection, and many other options. Built with Unity, which s...

Humans vs Undead

30.88K Plays

Humans vs Undead is the strategic battle game in which you control an army in a world ending battle against the undead. The game is set out into campaign style missions which you can complete in order to progress thro...

Trash Truck Simulator

26.37K Plays

Trash Truck Simulator a driving game that you can play for Free on Games18plus. Take a seat in a garbage truck and start your job. Load up the truck with garbage and deliver the trash to the incinerator, where it will...

Train Simulator

19.45K Plays

Train Simulator by Julgames. All aboard! Do you want to drive a train down the railroad tracks? It's a realistic 3d train sim that turns you into an engineer. Move passenger or freight on routes with sloped land grade...

City Bus Simulator

15.51K Plays

City Bus Simulator. You have become a bus driver in a relatively large city, where there are many passengers. Try to find all bus stops and pick as many people as possible. Watch out for the delay because no one likes...

RollerCoaster Creator Express

15.23K Plays

RollerCoaster Creator Express is one of our roller coaster building games, play it at Games18plus. Build a roller coaster with corkscrews curves loops and many more track options to complete a coaster in amazing theme...

Lamborghini Aventador Simulator

12.43K Plays

Drive a mid-engine sports car produced by Lamborghini. Above perfection, advancing performance in a luxurious sports car. The Lamborghini Aventador is an awesome automobile! inside and out! The Aventador LP700-4 is th...

Wild Wolves Hunger Attack

8.54K Plays

Wild Wolves Hunger Attack is one of our wildlife games. Wildlife has a way of taking care or their own. Follow the Alpha male. He is the one in charge, any deviation will lead to your death. Built with Unity, which sh...

ProTon Coach Bus Simulator

7.49K Plays

ProTon Coach Bus Simulator is one of our bus driver games to play. Take people from a city to another, show them amazing places and landscapes. Open world map, incredible vehicles, wonderful interiors will make you fe...

Horse Family Animal Simulator 3D

7.47K Plays

Horse Family Animal Simulator 3D is one of our horse games that you can play for Free. Your a horse in an unforgettable adventure! Traveling around the island, you will take part in various tasks, you will make a fami...

Highway Bus Driver Simulator

7.36K Plays

Highway Bus Driver Simulator is one of our bus driver games to play. Become a real bus driver! City and highway bus simulator provides realistic maps, incredible vehicles and high-quality graphics of real bus simulato...

Real Garbage Truck

6.54K Plays

Real Garbage Truck is one of our truck driver games, Be a garbage truck driver in the city. Our modern garbage pick-up service is the most realistic truck sim ever. Stop your garbage truck near the dumpsters, and lowe...

Taxi Driver 3D Simulator

6.43K Plays

Taxi Driver 3D Simulator is one of our Taxi games. Try to become a taxi driver in one of the best taxi simulator. Race your car through the big city traffic, pick up passengers and drive them safely to their destinati...

Bus Parking Simulator

5.83K Plays

Parking Simulator one of our bus driver games to play. Maneuver your bus through a maze of tires to the bus stop, where the passengers are waiting to ride the bus to there destinations. Bus Built with Html5 and should...

Dogs Garden

5.53K Plays

Dogs Garden. You know the game The Sims! So now you're going to take care of a big family, a dog pack. In the game you will find nine breeds of dogs and you can take care of all of them. Try to be happy by having thei...