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Shark Attack

89.29K Plays

Shark Attack is one of our killing games. Have you ever wondered what the life of a shark is like? Now you can live it. Swim around the ocean and hunt for your prey. Balance other aspects such as health, air and hunge...

Crazy Ball

56.33K Plays

Crazy Ball. A 3D game full of rolling adventures by Julgames. Collect the prizes, customize your ball and roll down the road! More ball games: Crazy Shark Ball, Ball Balance, Space Prison Escape. What is a Video Game.

Shark io

16.91K Plays

Shark io a bloody attack game for adults. No one wants to become fish-food, so you'll have to do your best to swim away from the Bigger sharks. As a bloodthirsty shark roaming the waters of California. Your mission is...

Fat Shark

14.44K Plays

Fat Shark by Onduckgames. But be careful! The more he eats, the more he’ll get fat and won’t avoid bombs anymore! Collect all bonuses to shrink back to the original size, starfishes and hourglasses to get more points!...

Raft Angry Shark Hunter

10.93K Plays

Raft Angry Shark Hunter. Puts you in an ultimate underwater whale shark hunting game. Turn your underwater shark hunting dream into a reality by playing this fish hunter. Start a epic battle against angry whale shark ...

Angry Shark Miami

9.86K Plays

A hungry shark arrived on the shores of Miami and is devouring everyone in the water. The objective of the game is to help the shark to devour everything that is on the way, accumulate the most points, complete all th...


359 Plays

Megalodon is not only a third-person driving but also a collecting simulation game with 3D sea game art animation. It is required for you to hunt all the creatures in the sea like sea animals and even people! You know...