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Battle For Kingdom

62.44K Plays

Battle For Kingdom. Get ready for the most epic and Fun battle game. You must defend your kingdom against muddy demons, toxic monsters, radioactive burgers, and tons of other creatures. Lead your units to the final vi...

Shadowless Man

3.49K Plays

Shadowless Man. Play in first-person, so you live in the world of the darkness. Again, you are the man with an evil shadow inside you, that guides you through your evil missions. There will be many temptations during ...

Legend of the Samurai

26 Plays

Legend of the Samurai. Help the samurai to evade the evil demon, avoid bottlenecks, collect points and destroy everything in its path.

Skull Hunter

20 Plays

Skull Hunter. Flappy hunter releasing souls to the under world. Rid the after life of their skulls and a chance for rebirth.