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Catch the Thief 3D

90.48K Plays

Catch the Thief 3D, a mobile escape game. Guard your territory. Don't let thieves take away your wealth. Become the wealthiest cop on the beatInstructions Hold and drag.HellCopter OnlineThe story: Bi...

Miami Crime Simulator 3D

64.78K Plays

Miami Crime Simulator 3D a Gta, fps game for adults. Exclusive crime fighting in Florida neighborhoods within Miami. Your a police officer who's aim is to clear Miami of crime. You can steal vehicles, auto, car, tank,...

Car Chase

62.39K Plays

Car Chase. A top down driving game in which you control a speeding car. Collect coins and buy new cars. Controls: AD or left/right arrow to steer; Esc to pause;

Endless Car

58.42K Plays

Endless Car. The police are chasing a driven by you, Collect the cash you dropped and avoid the police!

KillStreak tv

53.77K Plays

KillStreak tv is a 3rd-person multiplayer shooter game for adults. How fast can you pull the trigger of a gun? Your a cop in the craziest, whacked out town in the land. Defeat your opponents, pick-up new gear and cust...

Police Stunt Cars

50.15K Plays

Police Stunt Cars. Ready for a little mischief on the streets. Drive in ten police cars and hit the ramps for extreme air. Speed and drift on the roads while doing radical stunts.

Mad Out Los Angeles

47.76K Plays

Mad Out Los Angeles a gta game for adults and teens. you will have to shoot all the enemies via tanks, Planes. You have a huge vehicle park of autos, bikes, boats which are provided with realistic physics. Tons of wea...

Mad City Prison Escape

41.33K Plays

Mad City Prison Escape a 3d escape game for adults. When prison guards are shooting at you, shoot back. When you successfully escape, do not forget to replenish your ammo, otherwise you will not be able to overcome al...

Good Luck Racer 2

41.20K Plays

Good Luck Racer 2. Perform stunts and combine flips with tricks! Collect money and spend it on a new car! City driving includes a police pursuit.

Battle SWAT VS Mercenary

40.99K Plays

Battle SWAT VS Mercenary a FPS game for adults. Create a room with a maximum number of players. You must choose to fight as the elite SWAT member or an evil mercenary. Check out Bullet Force Multiplayer and Gamse Game...

Blocky Craft Police Squad

38.88K Plays

Blocky Craft Police Squad a fps game for adults. Destroy all enemies with a variety of powerful weapons, power-ups, machine guns, and the latest military equipment. Use power-ups, drive on bikes, use harpoons, fly ove...

Robot Police Iron Panther

37.15K Plays

Robot Police Iron Panther, a fight to the death game for teens and adults. When the monster alien come to attack the earth, there's no body can save us except the police robot. Build your own Iron Panther robot and fi...

Pixel City

34.79K Plays

Pixel City a fps game for adults. Become a guardian of the law is a job of your dreams. Bad guy Rick read about it, and he did not believe it, so he decided to make a chaos in the city. The police have full hands (mor...

Police Traffic

32.48K Plays

Police Traffic. Go for a burn in a Police cruiser. The citizens have done nothing wrong, but who cares! Chase them down and issue them a ticket. Have fun!

Slendrina Must Die The School

28.77K Plays

Slendrina Must Die The School a fps game for adults. Find 8 fuse links that are scattered throughout the school.Those fuses will open a a classroom door, for a special student! Find Slendrina's teddy bear to get somet...

Police Chase Real Cop

26.18K Plays

Chase down criminals, save lives and perform rescue missions, right now! This is your chance to do all this by becoming a Cop. With the latest Police game, you get to be a Cop and save the world, something we all want...

Amazing Strange Rope Police Vice Spider Vegas

25.84K Plays

Amazing Strange Rope Police Vice Spider Vegas a fps game for adults. Be ready to rob, kill, shoot and fight all the criminals! Steal cars, race through streets, and shooting down bad guys. Test all the super-cars and ...

Stunt Mania 2

21.49K Plays

Stunt Mania 2. Choose one of the motorbikes that is run by a nice girl. Yes, you read correctly, even girls can ride on two wheels! You may also become a cop and chase crime in the streets. Explore all nooks and exper...

GTR Drift Fever

18.37K Plays

Drive Fast! Remember, your being pursued by the police. It seems they didn't like the donuts you left in front of their station!

Lets Be Cops 3D

11.10K Plays

Lets Be Cops 3D, a exciting mobile ready law enforcement game. As a traffic cop, start your policing career. Check whether the passing vehicle is within the speed limit through the advanced scan. If it exceeds the spe...

Police And Thief

4.44K Plays

Police And Thief. Escaping from the police. You are trapped in a circular road, so you have to tap the screen and change your direction when the police change his direction.