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Offroad Car Race

66.46K Plays

Offroad Car Race is one of our offroad racing games. Drive your car on a dirt track with massive boulders that you have to go over. Built with Html5 and should run in all browsers.

Heavy Muscle Cars Offroad

64.14K Plays

Heavy Muscle Cars Offroad. What could possibly happen, if one big muscle truck and a crazy driver like you meet together? You can easily find the answer in the game. You have complete freedom in the game and you can r...

Offroad Racer

63.37K Plays

Offroad Racer is an awesome racing game with a stunning mountain track. You can play against AI car opponents.Arrow keys: car steeringSpace bar: handbrakeLeft ctrl: nitroEscape: toggle pause menuC to switch camera views

Monster Truck Dirt Rally

61.22K Plays

Monster Truck Dirt Rally by Vseigru. Play real monster truck rally racing. Extremely dangerous up hill, full of dirt deserts race tracks involving hills and desert which only 4×4 trucks can conquer. Race with 3D Monst...

Scrap Metal 4

57.44K Plays

Scrap Metal 4. Choose from the finest vehicles. Drive through the rugged countryside. Create your own racetrack. Do tricks, enjoy the perfect driving simulator. Have fun.

Desert Rally

52.40K Plays

Desert Rally by MarketJS. Your jeep is ready to rumble. Drive a jeep in the middle of the desert. Race your jeep through a variety of race tracks. Steer carefully to avoid losing time. How fast can you finish the race...

Scrap Metal 2

46.64K Plays

Scrap Metal 2 game online for fun. No download and no installation. The new sequel of the game Scrap Metal is here. This time with six new legendary cars. Judge for yourself. Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro - tw...

Uphill Jeep Driving

41.07K Plays

Uphill Jeep Driving is one of our jeep racing games. Drive your truck like your on acid, look at the groovy colors. Why am I not moving .. Oh my wheels aren't touching the ground. Built with Html5 and should run in al...

4×4 Offroad Project Mountain Hills

40.55K Plays

4x4 Offroad Project Mountain Hills. Try racing a real 4x4 rally. Choose a vehicle and let´s drive. You have a limited time for getting to finish. Keep going up and be careful not to fall off the cliff. You will gradua...

Offroad Jeep Hill Climb

35.24K Plays

Offroad Jeep Hill Climb a fun driving game for adults. Meet mark sim, the young offroad aspiring asphalt racer. He is about to embark on a most wanted racing journey where no limits exist to stop his hill climb racing...

4×4 Off-Road Racing

25.56K Plays

Race the fastest trucks in a 3D off-road game 4x4 Off-Road Racing by VitalityGames. Tough challenges will offer you 15 intense dirt full of obstacles. Race through the back roads and collect gold coins from each level...

Dirt Bike Rally

20.66K Plays

Dirt Bike Rally a racing simulation game for adults and teens. Here is a motorbike with 3D cartoon game art animation. You have a chance to ride a motorcycle and join in a BMX race. Glad you will entertain with avoidi...

Super MX New Race

9.84K Plays

Super MX New Race, challenge and beat your opponents. Throw down the gas but cross the finish line with a super-cool outfit, your look counts! Win every challenge to beat the official champions, will you be able to ...

Offroad Monster Trucks

8.48K Plays

Offroad Monster Trucks. Jump into your favorite monster truck and take it for a test drive. You have to get the real feel for the monster vehicle on our offroad course.

Super MX The Champion

8.24K Plays

Super MX The Champion is a dirt bike racing game. Become a world class champion stunt racer on dirt tracks, blind corners and loops. Built with Webgl and should run in all browsers.

ProTon Coach Bus Simulator

7.49K Plays

ProTon Coach Bus Simulator is one of our bus driver games to play. Take people from a city to another, show them amazing places and landscapes. Open world map, incredible vehicles, wonderful interiors will make you fe...

Offroad Cycle Racing

7.47K Plays

Offroad Cycle Racing one of our bike riding games to play. Hit the trails to get the feel, speed and control you need to master any terrain. Finish all 10 of the competitive races. Built in Html5 which should run in a...

MTB Hill Bike Rider

7.42K Plays

MTB Hill Bike Rider is one of our bike riding games you can play. In this mountain cycle adventure ride the bicycle both uphill and downhill. Get control of your extreme mountain bike and steer with pedals to get real...

Cycle Extremes

6.95K Plays

Take part in a mountain bike downhill racing challenge. You control a bicycle rushing down from the mountains. Be careful - the track is very steep, and there are several obstacles and deadly holes ahead.

High Hills

2.00K Plays

High Hills. A great off road racing game. Try to drive as far as possible in this challenging obstacle race! Made with Html5, which is compatible with all browsers!Instructions Please use mouse or touch to play.Aqua B...

Motocross Riders

36 Plays

MotoCross Riders is a cool racing multiplayer game, free play it. Play as a Motocross rider against players around the world. Make your way to the top in the challenging offroad terrains. This is an exciting dirt bike...