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Mummy Candies

75.33K Plays

Mummy Candies. Beware of explosive pumpkins, you can improve your achievements with the help of shopping in the store. Collect all the candies and lollipops for the mummy. More free games like Mummy Candies: Candy Lan...

Battle For Kingdom

62.44K Plays

Battle For Kingdom. Get ready for the most epic and Fun battle game. You must defend your kingdom against muddy demons, toxic monsters, radioactive burgers, and tons of other creatures. Lead your units to the final vi...

Monster Tower Defense

57.41K Plays

Monster Tower Defense. Defend against the monster invaders. Don't let the invaders reach your base! Collect energy by destroying the ball invaders. Use energy to purchase more monsters. Mouse or tap. Place monster tow...

Halloween Pizzeria

52.53K Plays

Halloween Pizzeria. Prepare delicious pizza for hungry little monsters. Click to select the desired toppings and serve pizza as soon as possible.

Dynamons World

46.64K Plays

Dynamons World is one of our battle games, play it. Have you ever wanted to get into the world of dynamons? Play tutorial and learn about creatures inside the park. More battle games Pokemon Mega and Dexomon. Battle o...

Topdown Monster Shooter

46.51K Plays

TopDown Monster Shooter a shooting game for adults. They’ve invaded your city from the dead and plan to dominate the world. They’ve killed your family, your friends, and now they are eyeing you! Time to take these mon...

Cut the Rope Experiments

46.45K Plays

Cut the rope experiments is one of our physics games. Om the Nom has returned and he is hungrier than ever! Team up with the Professor, a mad scientist determined to study Om’s candy-loving habits through a series of ...

Boxing Fighter Shadow Battle

45.47K Plays

Boxing Fighter Shadow Battle time of the rise of the Yokai spirits, and they want to dominate the world. This mysterious phenomena, these beasts, these shadows, these ghosts, are willing to eat human souls. Hords of Y...

Nova Defender

40.41K Plays

Play Nova Defender game online for fun. No download and no installation. Save the human race. Waves of aliens are attacking your base. It's time to war! You have to defend your base with all weapons you have. More def...

Monster Truck Racing

38.63K Plays

Monster Truck Racing is a fun racing game with amazing graphics. Race against AI players and reach first place, while the crowd cheers for your awesomeness.HowTo Play Use AD left right arrows to control truck W ...

Magic Arena Multiplayer

35.54K Plays

Magic Arena Multiplayer you're transported to a land of fantasy full of vicious monsters, wizards and vampires! You can take part in brutal combat as either a wizard or a vampire, and you can either fight against a fr...


35.49K Plays

Magikmon an awesome game in which you must capture different types of monsters and use them to battle! The magical world you live in is packed full with weird and wonderful monsters – these monsters pose a real threat...

Good Knight Princess Rescue

31.68K Plays

Good Knight Princess Rescue a shooter game for adults. Monsters abducted your Girl friend and locked her up in a Castle. You need to find 8 Keys, defeat the monsters and rescue your girl before the lights go out. Chec...

Bridge of Doom

31.52K Plays

Play Bridge of Doom at Games 18Plus! Take control your fierce and brazen dwarf, help him pass over the deadly bridge.

Shoot Your Nightmare Halloween Special

30.73K Plays

Shoot Your Nightmare Halloween Special a fps game for adults. Get ready for Halloween with 4 weapons with lot of ammo! Search for 13 Candy Bowls and watch out for those Slimy Ghosts. Check out shark io and Gamse Games...

Halloween Monster

30.38K Plays

Halloween Monster. This Halloween we have to tap the screen to make our player jump. at the same time, we have to take care of our player that player should not collide with any obstacle.

Candy Monster

26.50K Plays

Candy Monster game. Match 3 or candies to feed the monster. 4 or more combinations will give you a special jewelry.

Pokemon Mega

26.30K Plays

Pokemon Mega is a turn-based game. When fighting a battle, each participant takes turns to attack with their monster. Pokemon go through mega evolutions. This makes them even more powerful and unlocks some superb new ...

Dracula Frankenstein & Co

25.43K Plays

Dracula Frankenstein & Co. Once upon a time a little village, full of uncontrollable human people, decide to give a final assault to the most iconic monsters of all time: Dracula, Frankenstein, werewolf and the mummy....

Monster Quest Ice Golem

23.77K Plays

Monster Quest Ice Golem a horror shooter game for adults. Run through this 3D maze, collecting Snowflakes. Defeat the Golem, defend yourself with a torch and find the hidden snowflakes before it finds you. Check out D...

Mad Scientist

22.48K Plays

You play as a Mad Scientist, collect all 10 types of weapons, various items for secret improvements, there will be many different enemies on your way and 6 levels with different types of difficulty and speed. Go as fa...