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Tom & Jerry Mouse Maze

48.46K Plays

Tom & Jerry Mouse Maze. Cheese is everywhere and Jerry is on a mission to get it all! But he must be careful as Tom is on the prowl. Help Jerry race through fun-packed levels collecting cheese while avoiding Tom in th...

Pirate Wars

42.73K Plays

Pirate Wars is one of our bomberman games. Sail yar ship on the high seas to discover buried treasure. Ye bomberman place big pirate bombs in the water and try to blow up your enemies ship. Made with Flash and should ...

Crazy Ball 2

40.37K Plays

Crazy Ball 2 is a platform maze game, free play it now. Roll down the maze and pick off as many stars as it can. Features: 20 levels of rolling fun, weather system, good 3d graphics. Roll fast, roll to the finish. Als...

Marble Maze

34.57K Plays

Marble Maze is fun puzzle for adults. The steel ball everyone knows comes to you for free. The famous marble rolling labyrinth game supports perception and motor skills. More card games Love Test plus Gamse Games. Ha...


31.64K Plays

Amaze a maze puzzle for adults. To fill in puzzles, fill each square to unlock more addictive maze paint puzzles. Watch out! It gets harder as you play, color and paint the maze, and fill in puzzles. Painting the maze...

Circle Crush

28.57K Plays

Circle Crush a fun puzzle for adults. Match circles and put them into the grid to remove the Circles by making horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line has the same color. Match Circle in same colors to score high! Simp...

Extreme Ball

27.89K Plays

Extreme Ball a fun rolling maze game for adults. Play all levels, get coins and buy bigger faster balls. Fantastic game play and accurate physics for Extreme Ball enthusiasts. Check out more Gamse Games and time of a...


26.43K Plays

Maze. Move the circle in the Maze. Solve everyday new Maze levels. Connect the two dots by dragging the colored path to the open dot. Use UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT Arrow keys to move the circle in the Maze

Kaboom Maze

25.38K Plays

Kaboom Maze a explosive maze game for adults. It's a bomb that must solve the labyrinths, for that it can explode breaking walls, but losing life. No one wants to go BooM! Check out more Gamse Games and zoo pinball. ...

Monster Quest Ice Golem

23.77K Plays

Monster Quest Ice Golem a horror shooter game for adults. Run through this 3D maze, collecting Snowflakes. Defeat the Golem, defend yourself with a torch and find the hidden snowflakes before it finds you. Check out D...

Maze Challenge

17.35K Plays

Maze Challenge, randomly generate mazes for teens and adults. Navigate the red square to the blue square. Unlimited mazes, each are unique and randomly generated with simple controls. More Games and happy glass puzzle...

Dancing Ball

11.65K Plays

Dancing Ball a rolling maze game for adults. Test your skills to keep this ball on the road and grab the coins. Don't over react or suffer a losers fate you will. Play at home or at work! Check out Gamse Games and du...

Pirates Treasure

6.55K Plays

Pirates Treasure. Follow the map to find me booty on the map. Be careful of the mines. Click on the fields and follow the arrows to find the treasure. Have fun!

Hide N Seek

4.32K Plays

Hide N Seek game, your locked in a maze with the other matchmakers. Only luck and a great intellect will help you win. The game has two modes. The first is that you run away, evade your captors for a limited time, an...


3.84K Plays

Slimoban is a arcade maze game. With boxes that you need to move, there are also monsters you can escape from or destroy with a fireball or by throwing them into the water. There are three types of slimes in the game:...

Pocket Pac

3.82K Plays

Pocket Pac is one of our maze games. Don't let the monsters catch you! Eat as many dots as you can. Make sharp turns to avoid the monsters. Plan your route you never get trapped! Collect super dots to fight back again...

Car Madness 3D

3.37K Plays

Car Madness 3D game. You can race through a maze with your friend with mini cars. Watch out for obstacles and black holes! You can be the winner of the tournament by leading the races. Built with Webgl and should run ...

Bomber 3D

2.64K Plays

Bomber 3D game presents you a true classic, bombing field battles, in 3D gaming experience, free play. Find your friend for this multiplayer only game, and let the fun begin! You can battle on four different arenas in...

Crazy Maze

45 Plays

Crazy Maze is one of our puzzle solving games, play it at Games18plus. Built with Unity, which should run in all browsers.  Game ControlsMouse, arrows or mobile buttons to play.  Developer ...


37 Plays

Can you find the exit and escape the maze in this exciting puzzle game?

Color Couple Bump 3D

37 Plays

Color Couple Bump 3D is a maze game that you can play for Free on Games18plus. He's lost his girl and his path is blocked to find her. Can you help him find love?