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Guns n Glory Heroes

71.23K Plays

Guns n glory heroes is one of our role playing defense games. Sharpen your knifes, polish your armor, focus on your magic and bring your guns The kingdom has been attacked and all castles are under siege! Orcs and fir...

Medieval Battle

52.44K Plays

Medieval Battle is one of our role play game you can play at Games18plus. Battle in all the realms with 5 armies and destroy your enemies until you are the only one on the battlefield. Be ready for a hard task ahead o...

The Dungeon

49.50K Plays

The Dungeon. Search this dungeon for lost treasure. Battle the lost hench-woman for her sweet scents that will over-power any mortal man. Then escape the depths of the castle. Have fun!

Heros Journey

41.36K Plays

Heros Journey. Play as our handsome young hero. Conquer adversity via this hack and slash clicker game. Earn gold with successful attacks. Use the coins to purchase powerups. Can you survive the enemy boss? How far ca...

3 2 1 Spell

38.02K Plays

3 2 1 Spell. You are a wizard involved in fast-paced magic duels. Observe the specific magic your opponent is using and fight back with the right spell! Quick eyeballs and fingers required!

Magic Arena Multiplayer

35.54K Plays

Magic Arena Multiplayer you're transported to a land of fantasy full of vicious monsters, wizards and vampires! You can take part in brutal combat as either a wizard or a vampire, and you can either fight against a fr...


35.49K Plays

Magikmon an awesome game in which you must capture different types of monsters and use them to battle! The magical world you live in is packed full with weird and wonderful monsters – these monsters pose a real threat...

Charm farm

26.28K Plays

Charm Farm, the Magic Forest needs your help! Conjour magic spells to process crops on your magical forest farm. The evil wizard Garp has attacked the Magic Forest. Build new places for the Shmoos to live, take care o...

EG Rpg Fight

7.47K Plays

EG Rpg Fight. Everyone can easily understand and can play it.

Moba Simulator

6.17K Plays

Moba Simulator is a fun simulation game of moba strategy gameplay. If you are a fun of LoL or Dota, this game is for you! Choose your hero and play against an incredible AI controlled enemy. Level up your skills in th...

Tower Defenses

5.51K Plays

A horde of horrible monsters is attacking your kingdom. build your towers fast and survive all the waves. If arrows or stones are not enough, use elements to slay all. If you feel pressured, use spells and upgrade you...

Undead Corps Dead Village

5.48K Plays

Undead Corps Dead Village. Intertemporal organization has hired your ass to be a agent in the "Undead Corps" You've been sent to yet another mission to find and eliminate the self-proclaimed "Lord of Undead". A crimin...

Royal Story

3.74K Plays

Royal Story is one of our farming quest games. Once upon a time there was a lovely kingdom where all the people and animals lived in peace. Then, one day, the evil witch Altessa cursed the land and all the king's clos...

Fox Adventurer

382 Plays

Fox Adventurer a platform game for adults. Help Mr. Fox in his magical adventure. Switch between day and night to choose the right way to finish level. Create stone clones to jump higher and collect green gems.U...

Magical Saga Bubble Witch

15 Plays

Magical Saga Bubble Witch is an interesting bubble shooter game about witch and magic. You will write an amazing story in this game, there are two doors you can enter, the level door and the endless door. Choose the ...