FAQ: Jumping Games

Angry Gran Run Japan

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Angry Gran Run Japan, Gran needs to completes the final leg of her Global Tour as she visits Japan! Run through the beautiful traditional Japanese village and avoid the interesting themed local obstacles such as the d...

Thrill Rush 3

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Thrill Rush 3 is one of our exciting rollercoaster games. This girls fun day at the theme park just jumped the tracks Help her find a way off this crazy coaster.

Bus Subway

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Bus Subway is one of our boarding games, free play. A combination endless runner and surfing game. You run switching between Bus roads and Subway tracks laid through highways, train tracks, Egyptian dunes and many oth...

Basketball Stars 2

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Basketball Stars 2 game as one of the cartoon characters from Nick. Choose a quick match to an all-stars challenge. The controls are quite simple as you can only move, jump, and dunk. Try to fill your dunk meter to d...

Trash Cat

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Trash Cat is one of our running games, play. Run down the dirtiest road you have ever seen and collect fish to buy more upgrades. Avoid hitting garbage cans and look out for rats.

Thrill Rush 4

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Thrill Rush 4 is one of our exciting rollercoaster games, play it at Games18plus. This girls fun day at the theme park just jumped the ultimate coaster tracks. Giant gaps will appear out of nowhere You need to pass ea...

Talking Tom Gold Run Online

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Talking Tom Gold Run Online. Talking Tom never stole anything. Tom is on a quest to collect the gold bricks to turn into an invincible ball. Just like Sonic, Tom is running for the fun of it. More free games like Talk...

Will Hero Online

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Will Hero Online is one of our platform game. Jump, dash, use various weapons to maul everything on your way with only one control. A simple game and addictive to play. Reach the highest score you can and collect cool...

Wrestle Jump

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Wrestle Jump ready to wrestle? It's time to fight because your battle skills are ready for wrestling games. Use W-M and are played with the mouse.

Talking Tom Run

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Talking Tom Run. Tom is chasing after a robber. The robber stole all the gold coins from our bank. Explore all towns in planet toon by running through the land of Talking Tom! More free games like Talking Tom Run : Su...

Backflip Parkour

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Backflip Parkour is one of our 3d sports games, play it. Become a real trickster in Parkour! Have you ever wanted to perform crazy tricks? In our simulator, you can perform flips and backflips. Jumps from heights are ...


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Rescuers. Catch the people jumping from the towers. Just one miss-step and your name will be mud. As these people jump to there deaths.Use your mouse or tap

Pixel Bear Adventure

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Pixel Bear Adventure needs your help on his journey to save his planet and rescue the Princess! Something or someone has kidnapped Princess Peppermint, the polar bear ruler of Bear Land! All the once benevolent and fr...

Down The Hill

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Down the Hill is your initiation to fast-paced arcade games that will entertain you for hours and hours. You move down the hill in a infinite mountain. You just tap left or right to begin your descent. But you have to...

Jumping Bottle

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Jumping Bottle is skill arcade game. Be careful of the hands along the road. Speed of hands is always change, so you need to concentrate on screen to success. This game can be played both on the computer and on your p...

Subway Bunny Run

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Subway Bunny Run is a addictive running game, free play it. Our bunny is on the run and a little mischievous. Rabbit wants to collect lots of carrot for this christmas, because this city is full of obstacles. Be caref...

Slippery Water Slides Aquapark io

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Slippery Water Slides Aquapark io it's a slippery game that you can play for Free on Games18plus. Start each Water Slides racing level swerve around, bang into, or block the other flippy race water slide sliders, what...

East Endless Runner

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East Endless Runner. Run jump, collect coins and fly with the hang glider! Dodge cars, trucks, trains, traffic and avoid obstacles on the way. East Endless Runner is a arcade runner game, free play. Conquer each level...