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Glisser io

90.77K Plays

Glisser io. A fun boat driving game. The Italian mafia has power boats that are after you. Get away from them and collect fuel on the way.

Pucks io

75.46K Plays

Pucks io is a 3d hockey game with your car that you can play in all browsers. Just like the NHL it has body checking. Shoot and pass the puck with your cars bumper and try to score. Have fun!Use WASD or arrow ke...

Snowwars io

68.46K Plays

Snowwars io. Multiplayer game with snowmen and snowballs! Collect snow to grow. Throw snow balls at other players!

Smash Karts io

64.29K Plays

Play Smash Karts io at Games 18Plus! Drive fast, shoot faster and smash into other cars.

Paper io 2

63.24K Plays

Paper io 2 Capture new territories and defeat enemies in the new exciting game. Each player starts out with a small island, make it larger by adding new areas to it, but watch out for enemies. You are safe on your own...

Knight Arena io

62.03K Plays

Knight Arena io in the same arena with your friends. Have fun battling and playing Knight Arenaio game. Choose your character and get ready for a battle with your opponents waiting for you. You have to choose your fav...

CrazySteve io

58.64K Plays

CrazySteve io was created for fun and fast fighting that you can play on all browsers. The main task and be the coolest. Collect diamonds and apples that appear on the map. For diamonds, you charge more experience tha...

KillStreak tv

53.77K Plays

KillStreak tv is a 3rd-person multiplayer shooter game for adults. How fast can you pull the trigger of a gun? Your a cop in the craziest, whacked out town in the land. Defeat your opponents, pick-up new gear and cust...

Killstreak tv io

48.22K Plays

Killstreak tv io game. We suggest Quick draw, crazy, 3rd-person multiplayer shooter game! Get game kills from dead opponents, unlock awesome weapons and customize your character! Be #1 on the scoreboard to win. More s...

DeadWalk io

47.75K Plays

DeadWalk io a 3d shooter game for adults. Hard core action a waits you around every corner. You don't have time to think, bone-chilling zombies attack and there not the ones. Your competitors are armed to the teeth, t...

Alien Invaders io

47.33K Plays

Alien Invaders io a et grabbing game for adults. Get ready for this crazy alien invasion as you control a UFO Spaceship to defeat other aliens. Move as fast as you can, abduct earthly, boosters and other alien invader...

EvoWars io

42.67K Plays

EvoWars io is a mighty fighting multiplayer io game in an epic Deathmatch arena. Kill and eat to grow stronger, then become a deadly warrior and slay your axe, club, sword wielding enemies. This is No fantasy, if ther...

Mini Giants Io

40.62K Plays

Mini Giants Io battle to the death by axe in a cool 2d multiplayer game.

BlackHole io

36.55K Plays

BlackHole io. Enter the arena and face the other holes in cool battle. Eat everything with your black hole and expand it to eat more! Show them who is biggest hole in town!Controls: Mouse

Yumy io

36.53K Plays

Yumy io. Eat everything until your so big you can swallow whole buildings in one gulp. A multiplayer eating game.

Fish Eat Grow Big

36.46K Plays

Fish Eat Grow Big. Big fish eat little fish that you can play on Games 18 Plus. Swim around without getting ate. Choose your own character and then activate it.

Dragon io

35.47K Plays

Dragon io is one of our multiplayer serpent war games, play in all browsers. A medieval multiplayer dragon vs thunderbirds game. You dominate a battle field of fire breathing dragons, reign in terror on your opponents...

BrutalMania io

34.54K Plays

BrutalMania io is a mighty duelist multiplayer io game in an crazy Deathmatch arena. Throw yourself into the spine-chilling battle and progress into a mortal warrior. Battle for blood you seek.

Lordz 2

34.34K Plays

In Lordz 2 build the biggest conquest to take over the land. With new territories to grow your kingdom and unlock the best heroes! Tons of new buildings to unlock, new soldiers, walls to protect your base and more! Ma...

Santa Snake

33.49K Plays

Santa Snake. A multiplayer IO game with a cute Christmas snake. In this game, you must battle against other Christmas snakes to create the largest and most deadly snake in existence. Move around the map and collect th...

SlidePark io

31.92K Plays

SlidePark io is a fun online game that you can play in all browsers. Your tube racing on a water slide. Maneuver your tube around 20 opponents without bumping any of them. Perform trick sliding on the edge of the slid...