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Battleship is not only an arcade but also a puzzle game that is made of 2D simple block game art animation. Your mission is to beat the fleet of your opponent before he beats yours. If your missile hits the head of th...


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Megalodon is not only a third-person driving but also a collecting simulation game with 3D sea game art animation. It is required for you to hunt all the creatures in the sea like sea animals and even people! You know...

Jet Ski Boat

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Have fun on the water and playing Jet Ski Boat game. Are you looking for jet ski games or boat racing games for the best jet ski racing experience in the era of boat games and jetski games? To play the water racing ga...

Valley Ball

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Have fun on the court and playing Valley Ball game. A one on one Volleyball game, with quick clicking you can be a champion of this court. Let play valley ball and become the winner. More court sports Jolly Volley and...

Swimming Pro

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Have fun in pools and playing Swimming Pro game. Challenge the best swimmers in the world and beat their time! Collect medals to increase your energy and step to the podium of champions! More swimming games Wham O Sli...

LA Shark

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LA Shark is fun addictive killing game. You are a extremely hungry shark, which has grown fond of human flesh. You will stop at nothing, destroy everything that may contain a single person or a whole family of people....

RedBoy & BlueGirl 2

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RedBoy & BlueGirl 2 the fiery Boy and Girl Water sat idle for a long time until they heard one fascinating story about hidden wealth in the depths of a forgotten cave. Of course, they could not ignore this story and a...

Classic Frog

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Classic Frog is a frogger arcade game. The object of the game is to help the frogs to their homes by crossing a busy road and negotiate a river. More arcade games King Of Fighters Wing 1.8 plus Classic Pac. Have fun! ...

DuckPark io

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DuckPark io is a fun multiplayer water slide game. Quack Quack! Control a rubber ducky racing down a water slide towards the bath, beating out the competition! Fly off the track, collect gliders, push opponents off th...

Surf Crazy

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Surf Crazy, is very fun and addictive sports game. Hit the surf and try a rodeo flip, then carve up those waves with a Bottom turn. Vest up to three stars to make maneuvers. More surfing games Surfs Up and Pet Subway ...

Boat Racing 3D Jetski Driver

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#BoatRacing3DJetskiDriver Boat Racing 3D Jetski Driver Have you ever dreamed of driving the fastest ocean-going jet ski, speedboats, motorboats and offshore powerboats in the world? Look at this one! Boat Racing 3D is...


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Aquapark game. Reach to the end of the water slide, try to be the first. Bump other players during the race and have fun playing this colorful and sunny water slide game. Use Mouse to guide your slide.

Barts Watergun

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Something weird has happened in Springfield. Principal Skinner and bullies working together to kidnap Lisa. It's up to Bart to solve the mystery! Beat up and shoot the bullies and find Lisa! Springfield has a new enem...

Boat Drive

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Boat Drive is a realistic 3D boat driving simulator. You can choose from three different boats, a submarine and two different environments. You can make water drifting, change the boats whenever you want it and have a...

Water Shooty

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Use mouse clicks or tap tap to play this game. What To Do Ready your water gun and at the enemy stickman. Dye them the same color as you. Stay dry, spray water from a virtual gun! Water Shooty is a fun water pis...

Pipe Master

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Pipe Master. Build your pipe line and convey water from starting to end point. Don't run out of moves! Over 24 challenging levels. So easy, but soon you'll start wracking your head. Pipe Master is a addictive plumber ...

Xtreme Beach Car Racing

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Use WASD - to drive the car. What To Do Play now and you can get our special project to test! it can go through land and in water too! you can also go through checkpoints and try the awesome stunts! Xtreme Beach...

Adventure Aqua Man Deep in Sea

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Adventure Aqua Man Deep in Sea is one of our water quest games. Save the princes from the underwater nation, using Tools and tricks to live more in the water. Built with HTML5, which should run in all browsers.