Feature Game Solitaire

Best Classic Freecell Solitaire

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Best Classic Freecell Solitaire brings the popular Freecell solitaire card game. The 52-card deck is dealt face-up into eight Tableau piles. Above the Tableau piles there are four open Foundations and four Free Cells....

Best Classic Spider Solitaire

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Best Classic Spider Solitaire brings the popular spider version game of the solitaire card game to the palm of your hand. As with every Solitaire game it is your objective to sort cards onto piles. Each pile can only ...

Solitaire Story TriPeaks

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Solitaire Story TriPeaks the infamous messenger game is now also available here! Play your favorite card game and explore distant countries, fantastic landscapes, and famous landmarks. You have to draw cards one at a ...

Solitaire 13in1 Collection

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Have fun with a addictiing and playing Solitaire 13in1 Collection game. One player, which goal is to get rid of all the cards on the table, with the help of certain rules. Every of the thirteen modes are following dif...

Daily Solitaire

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Daily solitaire is an all-new classic Klondike solitaire game that features different challenges and difficulty levels each day! The level of difficulty depends on the day of the week; play the easiest games on Monday...

Daily Freecell

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Daily Freecell is a solitaire card game. Everyday a new Freecell level to solve. Move all cards to the 4 foundation according to the Freecell Rules. More card games 3 Card Monte plus Bingo 75. Have fun! Use your ...

Web Solitaire

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#WebSolitaire Web Solitaire is a solitaire game with all solvable puzzles. Sort all the cards in the four stacks for each type. On upper stacks you can arrange the cards in alternate color ordering. More card games Gi...

Christmas Klondike Solitaire

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Use mouse or tap to play. What To Do Build suit piles in ascending order, from Ace to King. Re-arrange face-up cards in descending order and alternating colors. Christmas Klondike Solitaire is the well-known car...

Cup of Tea Solitaire

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Create stacks in descending order and alternate colors. Try to move all cards to the top four piles, starting with the ace, in ascending order and with the same suit. You can play any card or partially completed seque...

Tripeaks Solitaire

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Remove cards that are 1 higher or lower in value then the open card at the bottom. Get a new open card by clicking on the closed top stack card, the next card. Tripeaks Solitaire is a fun solitaire game, play it at Ga...

Egypt Pyramid Solitaire

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#EgyptPyramidSolitaire Egypt Pyramid Solitaire is a fun solitaire game. Combine 2 cards to a total value of 13. An A=1, a J=11, a Q=12 and a K=13 (and can be removed as a single card). Built with Html5, which should r...

Maya Pyramid Solitaire

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Combine cards (or coins) to a total value of 11 to remove the cards (or coins) and built. Maya Pyramid Solitaire is a fun solitaire game, play it at Games18plus. Built with Html5, which should run in all browsers.

Golden Spider Solitaire On-line

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In Golden Spider Solitaire, play with two decks of cards totaling 104 cards. Fifty-four of which are laid out horizontally in ten columns with only the top card showing. The remaining fifty cards are laid out in the l...

Solitaire Solitaire

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Challenge your patience in this Solitaire card game famous around the world. Multiply the hours of fun with ours different game modes.

Tarantula Solitaire

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Variant on the classic Spider Solitaire card game. Create sequences of cards in suit from King to Ace to remove them from the game. You can move a card or a valid sequence (same color: red or black) to an empty spot o...

Spider Solitaire 1 Suit

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Make sequences of cards from King to Ace to remove them from the game. You can move a card or a valid sequence to an empty spot or to a card 1 higher in value. Click on the stack (top left) to get new cards.

Freecell Giza Solitaire

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Classic Pyramid Solitaire game with freecells: Add up two cards to a total value of 13 to remove the cards. A King (K) is 13 points and can be removed as a single card, a Queen (Q) is 12 points, a Jack (J) is 11 point...

Taj Mahal Solitaire

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A combination of Klondike and Indian Patience. Try to get all cards to the top 4 foundations from Ace to King. You can build cards on the tableau down (except on the same color) and you can also move sequences. If on ...