Feature Game Sniper

Hunting Season

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Hunting Season. Hunt or be hunted as simple as that. You have hunter instincts, animals are there, upgrade your weapons for clear shot, nearest you get better chances of hunt it is. As the time runs out, you have to g...

Stickman Sniper 3

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Use the mouse or Tap to aim and shoot. What To Do Gun down all of your targets, read your mission objectives. Find the target and shoot before the stickman escapes for ever. Don’t waste ammo or you’ll give away ...

PUBG Infinity BattleField OPS

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Use WASD or Arrows to walk, Shift to sprint, Mouse to aim and shoot, R to reload, Space to open Parachute or jump, E to enter car, G to throw granade. What To Do Shoot to kill in this battle royale game and enga...

Commander Assault Duty 2

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Play with WASD - Move. Mouse - Shoot. Space - Jump. Shift - Run. Join the Speciality Forces and fill them full of lead. Run the counter attack on the growing militant group of terrorists that are taking over our ...

Classicasl Hippo Hunting

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Press mouse right click to zoom and left click to fire Hippo growth is out of control and you need to control the population by hunting them with your sniper rifle. Aim your rifle at target and take precision sho...

Battlefield Shooter 2

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Enemy troops are persistently shooting at your base! Upgrade your guns and defeat the soldiers with tanks. Battlefield Shooter 2 is one of our shooting games, play it at Games18plus. Built with Flash and should run in...

War Brokers Io

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Join in a fierce multiplayer fps io game. War Brokers Io by Trebuchet Entertainment. Drive powerful military vehicles and test out there war capability. Create your own war veteran and take on the enemy. Complete each...

Legendary Sniper

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Enemy insurgents have infiltrated area 51. Legendary Sniper. Adjust the scope, breath and pull the trigger to take out the enemy combatants. More free games like Legendary Sniper : Krunker io, and Zombie Shooter De...

Zombie Shooter Deluxe

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There are much horror zombie you should kill until zombie war is ended. Zombie Shooter Deluxe. Kill them. Horror zombie madness with war shooting like zombie world or zombie simulator game. More free games like Zom...

Angry Bull Fight

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The bulls are trying to impale you with their horns. Good thing your brought a sniper rifle to defend yourself, but be careful. These bulls like to sneak up on you.

Slenderman Must Die DEAD SPACE

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Slenderman returns for another shit kicking in the Year 2496. Your Spaceship ran out of fuel. You docked to an abandoned space station to find more fuel cells. Find 13 energy cells so you can take off. You find out th...

Assault Fury

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With the war raging on, take out the Taliban freedom fighters motivated by the assault of there people in 40 levels of a fps game.

Stealth Sniper 2

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Your mission: to eliminate criminals. Your weapon: a sniper rifle. Be careful not to alert your targets! If they become too alert or manage to get away, you will fail the mission.