Feature Game Qix

Corona Virus Attack

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#CoronaVirusAttack We have a mission! To kill the Coronavirus and all its race! Corona Virus Attack, claim portions of screen weaving lines, but be careful to the deadly viruses that will try to destroy you and your l...

Xonix 3D 2

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Fill in 75 % of the board by creating rectangles in the style of a classic arcade game Qix. Xonix 3D 2 includes extra lives and bonuses.

Nova Xonix 3D

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A 3D arcade game in which you are a pilot of a hi-tech flying device and have to explore and capture territory. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Many enemies waiting for you, so it is not as simple as it sounds. Do not forg...

Pac Xon

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Pac Xon. Classic Pacman meets Xonix, fill in 75% of the empty space and captured the ghosts to win the level. Have fun!