Feature Game Ninja

Amazing RedPanda

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Jump & Slash! Become the Amazing RedPanda, avoid the enemies and kill as much as you can! With cunning ninja moves you can out smart the enemies directly in your path. More ninja games Green Ninja Run or Stickman Ninj...

Ninja Run Up and Down

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Have fun running and playing Ninja Run Up and Down game. You need to be quick or death will bestow your character. Run by changing tracks and collect coins without colliding the enemies. More ninja games Ninja Pumpkin...

Ninja Pumpkin

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Have fun on the platforms and playing Ninja Pumpkin game. Yes, it is a kind of ninja and in each level, you have to do your best to reach the level’s end. You have to be careful not to fall or touch enemies along the ...

Stickman Ninja Warriors

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Play as a Stickman Ninja Warriors your duty is to save the princess from the evil ninja, your main character has mastered shuriken skill, solve the puzzle by throw the shuriken to break the cage that imprison the prin...

Ninja Training Worlds

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Complete a series of ancient Ninja challenges. Ninja Training Worlds. Guide your Ninja by defeating enemies, jumping from wall to wall, dashing under spikes and collecting gold coins. Free games like Ninja Trainin...

Ultimate Ninja Swing

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Swing from point to point, while avoiding obstacles and harm. Keep the majority of your body parts intact, and get to the finish line. You're a ninja with an extendable rope.


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Urgent, defend your city from invading ninja's. Pick up your weapons and prepare for a bullet fight.

Hong Kong Ninja

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Fighting has broken out on the streets of Hong Kong. Show off your Ninja skills before war gets out of hand! Show the criminals what martial arts really is.

Flight Of The Ninja

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Flight Of The Ninja. An epic attempt of escape. Climb, avoid deadly wheels , climb, avoid deadly spikes. Ninja can you use your martial arts skills to jump out of the Tower?

Ninja Run Online

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Ninja collect as many coins, gold and jewels as possible. How much you will be able to run? Be careful because in your way will be dangerous jumps, thorns and bombs. Use mouse or touch the screen!

Against the Dead

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Against the Dead. Detective Wilson will battle against the dead, pushing forces of evil back to their graves.Vampires, zombies and ninjas. Push them back with the weapon you have, as the game progress, you will have t...

Ninja Hero Runner

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Waddle young ninja and survive in the dungeon test chamber. Collect coins and avoid obstacles. Have fun!

Squarish Ninja

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Lead the squarish ninja through the squarish world and help him get back his squarish girlfriend!