Feature Game Martial Arts

Street Fighter 2 Hadouken

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#StreetFighter2Hadouken Street Fighter 2 Hadouken is a fighting game. Survival Edition. Most famous retro and arcade machine fighting game. Street Fighter characters Ken and Ryu in endless gameplay mode. Survive as lo...

Robot Spider Transport

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Welcome to spider robotic battle where police spider robots are ready to fight in best robot games or future robot transformation games. Experience the new era of robot transforming games or space robot warrior games ...

Female Fighter

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Female Fighter, one night Emily had a dream. She was walking down a hallway, dressed as a warrior, and every entrance was guarded by a strange human like creature. Help Emily wake up and defeat her nightmarish dreams ...

King of Fighters Death Match

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King of Fighters Death Match is back with another street fighting spectacular game. Punch hard including a jumble hits and an assortment of kicks in a martial arts fighting game. More fighting games Brawl Masters or P...

King Of Fighters Wing 1.8

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King Of Fighters Wing 1.8 is back again in another fighting game. Join the legends in a battle of the streets with new challenges and enemies to kick the crap out of. more fighting games Kung fu fight beat em up plus ...

Street Fighter World Warrior

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Street Fighter World Warrior is a fighting game. Join fellow warriors on a quest to beat all takers in street fighter class. Don't be a dead Italian, get woke in a fantasy character from a martial arts dojo. More figh...

Marvel Tribute

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Use ESD - Select player. GHBN - Attack. Marvel Tribute the most extreme version of the acclaimed fighting game. Choose your favorite character and join the fight against Marvel Superheroes. More fighters Punch Th...

Dream Club Street Fighter

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Use WASD to move. Space - Select. J - Punch. K - Kick. L - Attack. Dream Club Street Fighter is a all girl fighting game. Choose your favorite character and go battle, Street fighter girls. Do you have what it ta...

Kung Fu Fight Beat Em Up

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Use Arrow keys or tap tap to play this game. What To Do You'll be fighting against tons of enemies and the Big BOSS You will need to be very fast and a real Kung Fu Master to kill all enemies coming from both si...

Street Fighter Madness

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Street Fighter Madness is one of our fighting games, play it at Games18plus. Luke Steel is about to get what he wants everyone in a rival gang dead after what he had done to them. Help Luke beat all his opponent and s...

Kung Fu Brick Breaker

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Kung Fu Brick Breaker is very popular kung fu skill that you can play on Games 18 Plus. It's time to show your martial arts moves.

Legend Street Fighter

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Your walking down a dark alley when a bunch of thugs want your wallet. Legend Street Fighter by Webgameapp. Time to beat up these hoodlums and show them who the real street fighter is. More fighting games: Cyber Rage ...

Cyber Rage Retribution

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Read in game instructions to play. Cyber Rage Retribution is one of our street fighter clone games, play it at Games18plus. Built with Html5, which should run in all browsers. Battle through enemy hordes! Complet...

Muay Thai

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Old art of fighting from Thailand. Use of punches, kicks, knees and elbows. Make your way through the different level by kicking some ass with your deadly moves.

Karate Chop Kick

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Youngling, you desire to be a Karate master. For your combat training, chop and kick the wood before the time runs out. Only the most serious mind will succeed.

Anime Smash

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Fight Naruto vs Sasuki. Perform dropkicks, flame breaths and Katana slashes.

Legend of the Samurai

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Legend of the Samurai. Help the samurai to evade the evil demon, avoid bottlenecks, collect points and destroy everything in its path.

Hong Kong Ninja

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Fighting has broken out on the streets of Hong Kong. Show off your Ninja skills before war gets out of hand! Show the criminals what martial arts really is.