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Raft Angry Shark Hunter

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Raft Angry Shark Hunter. Puts you in an ultimate underwater whale shark hunting game. Turn your underwater shark hunting dream into a reality by playing this fish hunter. Start a epic battle against angry whale shark ...

Crazy Goat Hunter

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Crazy Goat Hunter. Enter the woods as a sniper shooter. Kill the attacking worm=brained goats. These goats are out for revenge and your the prey! They want to gore your neck and watch you bleed out. So kill these goa...

Wolf Hunter

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Have fun in the forest and playing Wolf Hunter game. Be a wolf beast hunter to kill wolf beasts all, save our natural world. Beast Hunting is the dream of every sniper hunter. Wolf Hunter 2020 lets you hunt the bigges...

Dinasaur Hunt

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Have fun with shooting guns and playing Dinasaur Hunt game. In the forest, you have to hunt small dinos or other animals and make them your prey. They can feel your presence and can smell, so don’t make noises when yo...

Hunting Ducks With Air Rifle

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Hunting Ducks With Air Rifle Move the scope and shot the ducks before they fly away from the screen! Tray to be fast a precise and score more points. Happy hunting! More hunting games Dinosaur Hunting Dino Attack 3D a...

🦖 Jungle Dino Hunter

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Join Jungle dino hunter to kill dinosaurs in lush and dangerous environments. After first shot, dinosaurs become alert and they start sniffing to find out where the bullets coming from. Explore sniper mode and assault...

🦌 Deer Hunter

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It’s hunting time! Deer hunter will let you hunt deer in the wild jungle environment. The game is filled with action, hunting & shooting. Those who love to be a deadly hunter will love to kill deer. You will see the m...

Dinosaur Hunting Dino Attack 3D

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Use WASD - Move. Left Mouse Button - Shoot. Right Mouse Button - Aim. Mouse Wheel - Change Weapons. Space - Jump. Ctrl - Crouch. H - Remove Weapons. L - Lock The Cursor. What To Do A fun real dinosaur hunting ga...

Chicken and Crow Shoot

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Use Left Mouse Button - Shoot. Right Mouse Button - Aim. Scroll Mouse Button - Change Weapon. R - Reload. What To Do Just like the classic bird hunting games with target shooting. The crows shooter games are rea...

Classicasl Hippo Hunting

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Press mouse right click to zoom and left click to fire Hippo growth is out of control and you need to control the population by hunting them with your sniper rifle. Aim your rifle at target and take precision sho...

Wild Hunter Sniper Buck

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Deep in the forest of British Columbia deer, moose and other wild animals are roaming in the wilderness. With your hunting license in hand, you are allowed to legally hunt. Wild Hunter Sniper Buck is one of our huntin...

Dinosaur Hunter Survival

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Dinosaur Hunter Survival you're a survivor walking in a Jurassic world that you can play on Games 18 Plus. Your mission is to stay alive. Kill bloodthirsty dinosaurs.

Hunter 3D

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Hunting is a precise game. It needs both your patience and reactivity. Aim a running animal and shoot it when you find the chance, don’t let any of them go and be the best hunter.

🏹 Archer vs Archer

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A fun arcade shooting bow & archery game. Put your aiming and shooting skills to the test, and eliminate all your enemies before they shoot you down.