Feature Game Drunk

Jumping Bottle

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Jumping Bottle is skill arcade game. Be careful of the hands along the road. Speed of hands is always change, so you need to concentrate on screen to success. This game can be played both on the computer and on your p...

Vikings Tavern

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Vikings Tavern. A horde of mighty Vikings invade your tavern They do not want to use your bathroom their only goal is to drink your entire stock of beer Quench their thirst before they get impatient Send them beers an...

Drink Drive Survive

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Use the mouse or touch the screen to drive the car around. What To Do Have you ever tried to drive while drunk? If the answer is no, good for you! me neither! So, what about a simulator that shows you all the is...

Happy Hour

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Happy Hour is one of our physics games, play it at Games18plus. Built with Html5, which should run in all browsers.

Drink Beer Neglect Family

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Take on the role of a man who wants to drink beer and neglect his family members. Who want him to quit drinking beer. Drink Beer Neglect Family is one of our beer drinking games, play it at Games18plus. Built with Fla...

Frat Boy Beer Pong

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Frat Boy Beer Pong. How many ping-pong balls can you sink into the cups of beer? Miss and your be forced to drink a lot of Beer-skis. If I was you, I would miss just to get at the free beer! Frat Boy Beer Pong is a fu...

Beer Tapper Gone Wild

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Beer Tapper Gone Wild is a funny online game that you can free play it. Be the quickest bartender serving beer in the haus to the thirsty patrons. Built with Flash and should run in all browsers.

Mind Me Bloody Beer

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Mind Me Bloody Beer is a funny beer drinking game, free play in all browsers. Johnny had a bit to much beer tonight. Make sure he keeps his luscious liquid in his glass. You must have quick reactions not to spill. Bui...

Darts and Beer

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You've had a bit to much to drink. Now you want to play darts. Well have fun!

Drunk Blackjack

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Play Drunk Blackjack and Hit it Rich with fake money. It's really fun and you'll hammered and play for hours. It's hard to concentrate when there is free Booze. Try playing drunk blackjack when you have had too much t...