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Dinasaur Hunt

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Have fun with shooting guns and playing Dinasaur Hunt game. In the forest, you have to hunt small dinos or other animals and make them your prey. They can feel your presence and can smell, so don’t make noises when yo...

Dinosaurs jigsaw deluxe

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Use your mouse or touch screen. Drag and drop the pieces into their right places contest. What To Do 4 Prehistoric challenging puzzles with Dinosaurs. They first appeared between 243 and 233.23 million years ago...

T-Rex NY Online

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T-Rex NY Online. Go on a rampage through all the city. T-Rex is a brutal game of destruction in which you control a huge robot T-Rex through the streets of New York. You must control the dinosaur and try to cause as m...

Santa T-Rex Run

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Santa T-Rex Run. Time your Dino jumps to avoid the different obstacles. How high can you score? Jump over a variety of plants and cactus.- Easy to play, hard to master. The background accelerates and decelerates occa...

Dinosaur Hunting Dino Attack 3D

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Use WASD - Move. Left Mouse Button - Shoot. Right Mouse Button - Aim. Mouse Wheel - Change Weapons. Space - Jump. Ctrl - Crouch. H - Remove Weapons. L - Lock The Cursor. What To Do A fun real dinosaur hunting ga...

Dino Car Race

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Use arrow keys to drive. Lets really test your driving skills with dinosaurs on the track! Drive your new sports car and race against other cars but keep away from all the dinosaurs and other obstacles that will ...

Adam and Eve 6

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Help Adam to find his true love, once again. Complete all the levels to get Adam home. Adam and Eve 6 is one of our adventure games, play it at Games18plus. Built with Html5, which should run in all browsers.  ...

Jurassic Dino Transport Truck

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Jurassic Dino Transport Truck is one of our 18 Wheeler games you can play at Games18plus. A prehistoric World filled with dinosaurs where you can feed, raise and train your Jurassic dinosaurs and transport them to the...

Dinosaur Hunter Survival

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Dinosaur Hunter Survival you're a survivor walking in a Jurassic world that you can play on Games 18 Plus. Your mission is to stay alive. Kill bloodthirsty dinosaurs.

Jurassic Dinosaur Hunting

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Your going to need a Bigger gun to drop these monsters in Jurassic Dinosaur Hunting. I thought all the Neanderthals were extinct 40,000 years ago. But somehow you survived and you found a modern sniper rifle, which co...

Dino Island Rampage

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You thought you won a free vacation to the Pacific North West, but instead they dropped you into dinosaur island. Good thing a fully loaded rifle is on your shoulder, on the hunt to kill all dinosaurs. Try to survive ...

Sweet Tooth Rush

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Sweet Tooth Rush. Dinosaurs have a sweet tooth. Run to collect sweet bonuses while avoiding obstacles.

Dino Squad Adventure 3

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Dino's are going on a magical adventure. Get to the exit door by collecting gold and destroying monsters. Work together to finish each level.

Dino Meat Hunt New Adventure

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Act 2. Dino are starting to search for meat. This time it's a harder adventure. Little dino can jump high. The big dino can destroy monsters. Prepare the meat stocks for the dinosaurs. Have fun!

Dino Meat Hunt Remastered

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Act 1. Create bridges on the watered areas with the little dino and you. Blow out the fire with the big dino. Pick all of the meats on the map and get the dinos to the cages.