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Element Evolution

102.59K Plays

Element Evolution a fun-placed farm game that collects more resources by planting different crops successfully unlocks new plant varieties and uses the resources you have in your hands to continuously expand your farm...

Baby Cow Launcher

73.46K Plays

Baby Cow Launcher. Disrupt greedy farmers. By launching baby cows at the farmers to defeat them. Use a variety of power ups to win!Free games like Baby Cow Launcher: Angry Flappy Wings, and Jungle AdventureWha...

Milk The Cow

63.44K Plays

Milk The Cow is one of our cow milking games you can play for Free. How many seconds will it take you ( milking ) to fill four buckets? More than 50 million plays world wide.

Blocky Farm

61.37K Plays

Blocky Farm is a Mmo world of Blocky Farmers. Manage country lands, take care of animals, harvest fields, deliver goods to your local business partners and create friendship with people from around the world. Create a...

Farm Clash 3D

57.75K Plays

Farm Clash 3D a third-person shooter game for adults. In which you and your teammates battle against the other team on a beautiful farm. The game features raging cowboys eliminating everything on their way with shrapn...

Klondike the Lost Expedition

57.16K Plays

Your adventure begins in Klondike the Lost Expedition! Meet local people who can teach you how to work the land. Complete all kinds of tasks and continue further along the path that will one day reunite your hero's fa...

Bubble Farm

35.47K Plays

Bubble Farm a bubble shooter game on the farm. Complete a level to unlock the next level, each level have a different difficulty and challenge. Your brain needs to think quickly to match 3 or more farm animals. Free g...

Garden Survive

31.43K Plays

Garden Survive is one of our logic games, play itYou should be careful with the razors come to you and the walls which fall down on you and the spiked woods. If you can catch the heath which appears sometimes in the g...

Indian Tractor Farm Simulator

29.43K Plays

Indian Tractor Farm Simulator is one of our farming games. Immerse yourself in a huge open world and harvest many types of crops, take care of your livestock. Like cows, sheep, pigs, and sell your products on a open m...

Charm farm

26.28K Plays

Charm Farm, the Magic Forest needs your help! Conjour magic spells to process crops on your magical forest farm. The evil wizard Garp has attacked the Magic Forest. Build new places for the Shmoos to live, take care o...

Golden Acres

21.04K Plays

Golden Acres. Put on your gumboots, it's time to feed the animals on your farm. Known as gods perfume. There is nothing like the smell of cow poop and hay first thing in the morning. You have to run all parts of the f...

Farming Puzzles

20.19K Plays

Farming Puzzles a puzzle solving game for adults. Solve the puzzles to plow the next field. Make sure you plow all the square plots of land without leaving any unplowed or you'll have to go through it twice. Check out...

Frenzy Farming

14.48K Plays

Frenzy Farming. Go back to life on the farm and take care of the animals in a game very similar to the previous ones in the series, completing all the objectives

Idle Farm

8.45K Plays

Idle Farm. Get rich by farming! Build your farm business and play a little pinball to rake in that sweet profit. Lets get cooked with chickens and cows in the stew of farming. Have fun!

Farming Simulator

5.46K Plays

Farming Simulator. Farming season is finally here. Experience the love of farming and running your own business. Enjoy driving tractors, farming crops, vegetables and fruits. Have fun!

Royal Story

3.74K Plays

Royal Story is one of our farming quest games. Once upon a time there was a lovely kingdom where all the people and animals lived in peace. Then, one day, the evil witch Altessa cursed the land and all the king's clos...

Pixel Farm

3.15K Plays

Pixel Farm. Plant watch them grow and collect vegetables as a pixel farmer in the urban jungle. Reach the required goals to proceed to the next level. Have fun!

Doodle Farm

24 Plays

Use cute animals to breed and create new animals on your Farm. Do you know how to create a dog or a tiger? Which two animals put together can create a third one as a result? Does Cat + Dog = Tiger? Or does Duck + Herr...

Family Barn

8 Plays

Welcome to Family Barn! A game about true country living. Manage your own farm in the online multiplayer farm game Family Barn. You start with a small plot of land and a limited amount of money and crops. Begin by pla...