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Pet Subway Surfers

86.62K Plays

Pet Subway Surfers is a running game that you can play for Free on Games18plus. These pets have escape from the animal catchers truck and they need a little guidance from you. Explore the city on foot for a little fas...

Nova Xonix 3D

84.43K Plays

Nova Xonix 3D. A 3D arcade game in which you are a pilot of a hi-tech flying device and have to explore and capture territory. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Many enemies waiting for you, so it is not as simple as it soun...

Pet Run Adventure Puppy Run

84.38K Plays

Pet Run Adventure Puppy Run is a great animal racing game, free play it directly. In this pet running game you will be able to simulate cutest pet available in the store. Pet running adventure is designed to engage wi...

Angry Rooster Run Subway

76.36K Plays

Angry Rooster Run Subway is a addictive running game, free play it. Help the rooster escape traps and enemies on his path and finally reach his beloved chicken. Help the rooster get past all the traps and wild predato...

3D Snake

71.46K Plays

3D Snake is one of our retro arcade games, play it at Games18plus. Built with Html5, which should run in all browsers.  Game ControlsUse the menu in the top right corner to enable first-person view. ...

Caveman Adventures In The Stone Age World

65.47K Plays

Caveman Adventures In The Stone Age World. There are rolling rocks and you have to get away from the rocks and grab the food. Just use your finger/mouse and slide the character to move. Game get difficult as you move ...

Worms Zone

63.65K Plays

Worms Zone is one of our classic arcade games, free play it. Go in all directions and feed your snake to grow, but be careful, do not let bigger snakes, eat the yours. This Snake wants to eat all kinds of fast foods l...

Paper io 2

63.24K Plays

Paper io 2 Capture new territories and defeat enemies in the new exciting game. Each player starts out with a small island, make it larger by adding new areas to it, but watch out for enemies. You are safe on your own...

Swing City

62.40K Plays

Swing City is a addictive physics based game, free play it. Get ready to Swing across the city and avoid signs, cars and more! How far can you go? Collect coins and discover secrets to unlock more characters and prize...

Blocky Snakes

60.46K Plays

Blocky Snakes. Slithering snakes in a 3d world where player to join in the match in order to beat others. Rule to become the grand snake in game is to eat others and grow longer. with power ups and collect able items ...

Big Snake

57.33K Plays

The classic game of Big Snake. Control these Snakes is simple, as using a joystick button. The worm will continuously slither in the direction of your finger, so turning your worm is as simple as moving your joystick ...

Railway Runner 3D

53.47K Plays

Railway Runner 3D combines endless running and multiplayer game, free play it directly. Avoid Surfers in the city and begin this fantastic adventure! run and jump barrier and subway trains. Surfers and collect more co...

Stack Fall

48.42K Plays

Stack Fall. Smash the rings, but watch out for black space. Stack Fall. Timing and height of bounces is everything.Use the mouse to click.More free games like Stack Fall : Flip Jump, and Free Fall 2What is...

Little Strawberry

46.34K Plays

Little Strawberry have to successfully pass all the blades and you need to manage these strawberries to pass as many blades as possible without cutting the strawberry. More free games like Little Strawberry : Flappy N...


44.36K Plays

Helix it's here! Do you like Slides? Slide down the tower. Jump over the pits and obstacles, avoid objects shooting at you. FLIP GRAVITY WITH A TAP! Control the ball on an endless journey up the spiraling tower. Once ...

Rocket Rodent Nightmare

44.19K Plays

Rocket Rodent Nightmare. A game about reflexes and timing. You must propel your character at the right moment in order to avoid the walls. But be careful, the spaces to pass through those walls are thin and if you tou...

Ragdoll Randy the Clown

42.72K Plays

Ragdoll Randy the Clown by AdoLux Games. Randy is a clown who likes to fool around. The goal is to help Randy avoid all the obstacles that can hurt or mutilate Randy the clown. With pools of acid, flying axes, bombs, ...

Combat Blocky Strike

41.78K Plays

Combat Blocky Strike a fps game for adults. Create a dreadful group together, choose from 7 different maps, you can fight in the city, in four arenas with lots of challenges and one of two game modes. Check out Blocky...

Viking Escape

37.33K Plays

Viking Escape. Take flight with a Viking flying on a dragon.Our Viking must survive to the end to get out of a dark forest filled with goblins. He has several types of weapons, and the dragon breathe a fiery flame. He...

Yumy io

36.53K Plays

Yumy io. Eat everything until your so big you can swallow whole buildings in one gulp. A multiplayer eating game.

Adam and Eve 5 Part 2

36.46K Plays

Adam and Eve 5 Part 2. Help Adam to find his true love, once again.