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Flameboy and Watergirl The Magic Temple

108.49K Plays

Flameboy and Watergirl The Magic Temple a fun platform game. Help our two characters the brave Flameboy and his little companion Watergirl accompany them to escape the dangerous mazes in each level help them to comple...

Catch the Thief 3D

90.48K Plays

Catch the Thief 3D, a mobile escape game. Guard your territory. Don't let thieves take away your wealth. Become the wealthiest cop on the beatInstructions Hold and drag.HellCopter OnlineThe story: Bi...

Lost in Time

62.36K Plays

Lost in Time. You awake to find yourself lost out of your time. The powerful Time Lord is intent on disrupting the time-space continuum. He sends Time Bots to capture you.Solve a series of challenging puzzles, retriev...

Moto Maniac 3

44.06K Plays

Moto Maniac 3 a riding game that will challenge your trial skills to the max. The trial competition is set up in the forest, so be ready to climb over trees and rocks. Your main goal is to overcome all the obstacles ...

Forsake the Rake

43.68K Plays

Forsake The Rake. You and Your friend are on a quest to find the truth. Investigation took you to the forest where is a secret underground lab. Search the abandoned underground lab and find the truth.Free games li...

Stickman Prison Escape Story 3D

42.52K Plays

Stickman Prison Escape Story 3D is one of our escape games, free play. You are stuck in prison for a crime you did not commit. Stickman framed and imprisoned, but never gives up and plans to self-salvation. Persevere,...

Slendrina Must Die The House

41.74K Plays

Slendrina Must Die The House a fps horror game for adults. This house is haunted, a creature you can't kill. Armed with a pistol you need to find a way to escape the house. Defend yourself, the way to finish her is to...

Viking Escape

37.33K Plays

Viking Escape. Take flight with a Viking flying on a dragon.Our Viking must survive to the end to get out of a dark forest filled with goblins. He has several types of weapons, and the dragon breathe a fiery flame. He...

No One Escapes

33.54K Plays

No One Escapes, a multiplayer escape game for teens and adults. One of you will change to murder. You need to find a way to get out. Don't be grabbed, it is so scary. Avoid the sight of the murder. When all buttons ch...

Temple Escape

30.44K Plays

Temple Escape is a 3D running game that you can play on Games18Plus. Run, Jump and evade the rolling ball that is chasing you.

Pixel Escape

27.42K Plays

Pixel Escape is an exciting endless runner game tailored made for mobile devices. Avoid the deadly traps and obstacles, and don’t get caught by the giant fire ball chasing behind!

100 Doors Games Escape from School

10.48K Plays

100 Doors Games Escape from School is a hidden objects, solve puzzles and escape game. Mya is locked up in a school. The main objective in this hundred doors game challenge is to help Mya escape the room and find the ...

Office Escape

8.08K Plays

This is a mix of puzzle and platform game. Try to escape the office using your skills to discover all the needed objects. Solve all the puzzles to find the keys.

Prison Escape Plan

6.74K Plays

Keep an eye out for the prison guards, there crafty and are on high alert for escapes. They have their fingers on the triggers of their guns of new prison escape games and even a slight mistake can endanger your life ...

Hide N Seek

4.32K Plays

Hide N Seek game, your locked in a maze with the other matchmakers. Only luck and a great intellect will help you win. The game has two modes. The first is that you run away, evade your captors for a limited time, an...

Tsunami Escape

4.10K Plays

Run like hell! A Tsunami is right behind you! Each level is a challenge. With a little effort you will live to see another level.

Caio Hero

2.76K Plays

Caio Hero is an arcade puzzle solving game. A mission presented to help a hero get a lost treasure. To do so, you’ll have to figure out how to make the treasure fall through the castle’s rooms to your hero. The ...

Lab Escape Online

2.64K Plays

Lab Escape Online a new action game for adults! In a laboratory hidden from the public many strange experiments were carried out where peculiar creatures with very curious abilities are created, but on a day like any ...

Emilys Dream

2.48K Plays

Emilys Dream. A 3d adventure game with Emily. She's on a quest to wake up from her dream. Help Emily battle strange monsters and plot her way back to reality. Have fun!

Escape Game Magical House

2.42K Plays

Escape Game Magical House is a fantasy world escape game for adults and teens. Google Play download not required because it's not an app. This game starts with Evil creatures like Kikimora, which are fewer in numbers ...

Police Chase

789 Plays

Police Chase is cruel driving game. Escape from the police and collect all diamonds. Use rockets to eliminate the police cars. Drive, shoot and have fun.Mouse tap arrow keys and space to play