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Musical Instruments

26.38K Plays

Play Musical Instruments at Games 18Plus! Try to play piano, xylophone, harp and drums.

Drum Set

21 Plays

Have fun playing Drum Set a drumming game where you can beat the skins with your hands. Virtual Drumming for gamers. Play the drums that you've been waiting for! More drums to play Virtual Mapex Drumseven more Drum Se...

Drum Set 2

18 Plays

Drum Set 2 a fun music game for adults and teens. Google Play download not required because it's not an app. Just click to pound on the drums. More Games and basketball stars. Have fun!PC or Phone Tap to play.

Drum Kit 2

13 Plays

Have fun with amazing sounds and playing Drum Kit 2 game. Mash the keys to produce great drum and percussion sounds to perform like a rock drummer. More music games Virtual Mapex Drums also Dead Drummer. Have fun!...

EZBeats Drum Sequencer

11 Plays

Have fun laying down the tracks and using EZBeats Drum Sequencer. Navigate using the slider. Top left button to change the colour. Click the drums to hear the sounds. More music games Kid Maestro or Xylophone. Have fu...

African Drum

6 Plays

Have fun pounding the skin and playing a African Drum game. Strike the drum with your mouse for a double beat or Hit and hold down the mouse to get a repeating beat. More music games Indian Music Mixer plus Incredibox...

Drum Practice

6 Plays

Have fun pounding on the heads and playing Drum Practice game. Play the drums loud enough to upset the neighbors. More drummer games Drum Set plus Professional Drummer. Have fun!space bar- kick drum h - hi h...

Drum Machine 2

5 Plays

Have fun with rhythmic sounds and playing Drum Machine 2 game. While in editing mode, you can edit the lines of the pattern by clicking the circles next to the drum names to turn them on/off. In the pattern list, "0" ...