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We Happy Racing

93.92K Plays

We Happy Racing by Vitalitygames. Play a freaky, 60's racecar game. Drive and customize cars like: Smith Coupe Theft, Mercedes-Benz 500 K, Lassiter Series 69, Ascot Bailey, Walker Rocket. More racing games: Coaster Ra...

Madalin Stunt Cars 2

85.41K Plays

Madalin Stunt Cars 2 a 3D stunt car driving game developed by Madalin Stanciu. Show off a few tricks with your car and have fun with friends. Choose one of the almost 37 cool cars, set a color and get ready for the jo...

Freak Taxi Simulator

79.44K Plays

Freak Taxi Simulator. Go for the craziest taxi ride of your life. Become a taxi driver, pick up passengers and drop them off at their destination if they don't fall out of there seats first. Developed by Mike Games fo...

Turbo Car Driving

75.49K Plays

Turbo Car Driving. Do you like speeding on the road? Then, Great! Let's play. It's free for all now! At the beginning of the game, there is a main menu in which you can get access to many races, free ride and garage s...

Water Slide Car Racing Adventure 2020

72.18K Plays

Water Slide Car Racing Adventure 2020 game, have fun with water slides and playing. Play where you drive your car on a slide of the beautiful water environment More Than 6 High-speed racing cars. 8 extreme water rides...

Toy Car Simulator

63.44K Plays

Toy Car Simulator is radio controlled car game that you can play on Games 18 Plus. Scream around the corners, while laying huge skid marks on the road.

Extreme Drift 2

61.38K Plays

Extreme Drift 2. Professional drift team is looking for new members! They are looking for a new blood, for someone who would bring a new style and trends to the game! Drifting community is full of pro drivers who are ...

Scrap Metal 4

57.44K Plays

Scrap Metal 4. Choose from the finest vehicles. Drive through the rugged countryside. Create your own racetrack. Do tricks, enjoy the perfect driving simulator. Have fun.

Lamborghini Car Drifting

57.24K Plays

Lamborghini Car Drifting. Put on your best suite and drive a Lamborghini on the docks. Burn rubber from the tires and drift freely, but watch out for the workers just doing there jobs.


52.48K Plays

Evo-F2 Online game. Play in all browsers. Drive with expensive cars like Audi around the town and do tricks. When you look better, you will find ramps almost everywhere. When it comes to the city, welcome to a whole n...

Scrap Metal 6

52.42K Plays

Scrap Metal 6 car game by PacoGames. Madness can start again! You'll find new vehicles inspired by Grand Turismo cars. It wouldn't be a fun if you didn't have obstacles in your way. Build your own race track! Add fans...

Extreme Mad Drift

52.41K Plays

Extreme Mad Drift. Buy your first car for just $ 5,000 and go for race where you can earn money and than you can buy more cars. Own all five. Each one is unique and has different parameters. Unlock your first map and ...

Top Speed Games

52.34K Plays

Power driving cars with drag racing and real drifting around corners. Speed with very realistic models, lights and sounds, and the stunts in this game are not like any other game on the web so far.Choose between Day a...

Village Car Stunts

50.44K Plays

Village Car Stunts. Drive various awesome cars and enjoy the beautiful village! It is traffic-free, and you can speed up to the max to pump the adrenaline. There are plenty of car options that are scattered around the...

Mad Sports Cars Stunts

50.06K Plays

Mad Sports Cars Stunts is very realistic. If you crash the car, it will be destroyed/crashed and you will not repair it. Choose one of the vehicles waiting for you in the parking lot. You can always go back and try ot...


48.52K Plays

Turbosliderz Online game. Play in all browsers. Drift the entire track and get as many points as you can to get some medal. Only the biggest proffessionals will reach gold medal. The point system is not simple. Race a...

City Car Sim

48.47K Plays

City Car Sim. They call this an obstacle course. But I call it a quick death. Try out the jumps, corkscrews and other fun things to do with your car.More free games: Drive Car Stunts, Mega Car CrashWhat is the...

Drive Car Stunts

47.37K Plays

Drive Car Stunts has a range of obstacles and objects that you can perform stunts around. Drive a variety of different cars. There are ramps, loops, and other cool items that can help you pull off some awesome tricks....

Scrap Metal 2

46.64K Plays

Scrap Metal 2 game online for fun. No download and no installation. The new sequel of the game Scrap Metal is here. This time with six new legendary cars. Judge for yourself. Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro - tw...

Supercars Drift

45.25K Plays

Supercars Drift is a brand new 3D racing game. Choose between many different sportscars and try to drift as much as possible on the racetracks. Level up to unlock new cars and beat your friends.

Water Slide Car Race

44.71K Plays

Water Slide Car Race is one of our drift car games, play it at Games18plus. Built with Html5, which should run in all browsers.