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Hospital Frenzy 4

58.41K Plays

Hospital Frenzy 4. Your the Emergency department coordinator of a busy hospital. Support the staff or die. Have fun!

Vampire Nose Doctor

52.75K Plays

Vampire Nose Doctor. A game of doctors. The vampire's daughter is having some big nose problems. She is looking for the best nose doctor in the underworld to make her love blood again! Clean and treat her nose. Free g...

Hospital Doctor

51.73K Plays

Hospital Doctor.Take care of the patents that come into the hospital. Most of them should be able to take care of things them-self, but they have no life and health care is now free. So who cares, you do in Hospital D...

My Dentist

45.38K Plays

My Dentist has a pair of pliers just waiting to wrench out your rotten teeth. I heard you haven't brushed your teeth in years. We ran out of the freezing drug, so you'll just have to put up with the pain. More free ga...

Hand Doctor

4.53K Plays

Hand Doctor game offers all an incredible virtual surgery experience that’ll make you feel like real doctor working in a hospital.Today you’re doctors on a special mission to cure all hand injuries of your clumsy pati...