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Humans vs Undead

30.88K Plays

Humans vs Undead is the strategic battle game in which you control an army in a world ending battle against the undead. The game is set out into campaign style missions which you can complete in order to progress thro...

Halloween Skeleton Smasher

24.14K Plays

Halloween Skeleton Smasher a fun smashing game for adults. Drive the smasher mobile at full speed while smashing the skeletons that come your way. Avoid obstacles to reduce the damage you take, and keep an eye for the...

Undead Corps Dead Village

5.48K Plays

Undead Corps Dead Village. Intertemporal organization has hired your ass to be a agent in the "Undead Corps" You've been sent to yet another mission to find and eliminate the self-proclaimed "Lord of Undead". A crimin...

Puppets Cemetery

5.05K Plays

Puppets Cemetery. A Halloween Arena Top Down Shooter. Your the only pumpkin head in this cemetery of lost souls. Luckily your favorite gun has passed to the after-life with your soul. Take aim at the dead and put them...