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Dart Wheel

51.42K Plays

Dart Wheel throwing darts game that you can play. Hit closer to the center for more points, and try not to strike the guy on the wheel.

3D Darts

47.52K Plays

3D Darts game. Throw your darts in this amazing 3D sports game and try to be the first to reduce your score to zero!

Darts Club

28.50K Plays

Darts Club a close representation of real dart sports. Hey let's play 301 or cricket darts game.

Darts Pro

13.75K Plays

Darts Pro a darts game for adults. Compete against your friend or a random person around the world. Aim and click for the right amount of power to shoot your arrow. Can you reach a score of 180 in one round? Play at h...

World Darts Club

27 Plays

Play World Darts Club at Games 18Plus!

Knife Trials

25 Plays

Play Knife Trials at Games 18Plus!

Knife Rain

23 Plays

Play Knife Rain at Games 18Plus!

Balloon Paradise

3 Plays

Have fun at the arcade and playing Balloon Paradise game. Today in the city amusement park will be held a skill competition called Balloon Paradise in which you can take part. The goal of the competition is to score a...