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Angry Gran Run Japan

100.04K Plays

Angry Gran Run Japan, Gran needs to completes the final leg of her Global Tour as she visits Japan! Run through the beautiful traditional Japanese village and avoid the interesting themed local obstacles such as the d...

Thrill Rush 3

90.20K Plays

Thrill Rush 3 is one of our exciting rollercoaster games. This girls fun day at the theme park just jumped the tracks Help her find a way off this crazy coaster.

Bus Subway

86.36K Plays

Bus Subway is one of our boarding games, free play. A combination endless runner and surfing game. You run switching between Bus roads and Subway tracks laid through highways, train tracks, Egyptian dunes and many oth...

Heavy Flight

85.43K Plays

Heavy Flight. Catch flight over skyscrapers in which you try to avoid the missiles. Try to collect as much money as possible so you can upgrade your aircraft. Collect power-ups from the green coins to shield and destr...

Zombies Eat All

84.43K Plays

Zombies Eat All. A crowd of zombies struck, they eat all the things. You need to eliminate them with your chainsaw or they'll eat you.Use Up arrow key to jump or tap to jump button on screen, double click on the U...

Nova Xonix 3D

84.43K Plays

Nova Xonix 3D. A 3D arcade game in which you are a pilot of a hi-tech flying device and have to explore and capture territory. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Many enemies waiting for you, so it is not as simple as it soun...

Happy Superhero Racing

77.52K Plays

Happy Superhero Racing. Remember playing Mario kart. This is a really fun cartoon racing game, just like it. Drive cars owned by superheroes which transform. There are power-ups, coins to collect, upgrades and magic c...

Mummy Candies

75.33K Plays

Mummy Candies. Beware of explosive pumpkins, you can improve your achievements with the help of shopping in the store. Collect all the candies and lollipops for the mummy. More free games like Mummy Candies: Candy Lan...

Gobble Dash

75.24K Plays

Gobble Dash is the classic snake game. Candy is so sweet! Gobble them down before you explode or you'll get a bad tummy ache! More free games like Gobble Dash: Candy Monster, and Candy Crush.What is a Video Game m...

Trash Cat

71.49K Plays

Trash Cat is one of our running games, play. Run down the dirtiest road you have ever seen and collect fish to buy more upgrades. Avoid hitting garbage cans and look out for rats.

3D Snake

71.46K Plays

3D Snake is one of our retro arcade games, play it at Games18plus. Built with Html5, which should run in all browsers.  Game ControlsUse the menu in the top right corner to enable first-person view. ...

Thrill Rush 4

68.34K Plays

Thrill Rush 4 is one of our exciting rollercoaster games, play it at Games18plus. This girls fun day at the theme park just jumped the ultimate coaster tracks. Giant gaps will appear out of nowhere You need to pass ea...

Talking Tom Gold Run Online

67.44K Plays

Talking Tom Gold Run Online. Talking Tom never stole anything. Tom is on a quest to collect the gold bricks to turn into an invincible ball. Just like Sonic, Tom is running for the fun of it. More free games like Talk...

Will Hero Online

67.44K Plays

Will Hero Online is one of our platform game. Jump, dash, use various weapons to maul everything on your way with only one control. A simple game and addictive to play. Reach the highest score you can and collect cool...

Jelly Pop

65.38K Plays

Jelly pop is a fun puzzle game that you can play on Games 18 Plus. In this game you have to merge the two similar jelly to make another jelly. Play until your last tile is filled with jelly.

Smash Karts io

64.29K Plays

Drive fast, shoot faster and smash into other cars. A multiplayer arena battle game. Great 3d graphics. Battle kart game.

Worms Zone

63.65K Plays

Worms Zone is one of our classic arcade games, free play it. Go in all directions and feed your snake to grow, but be careful, do not let bigger snakes, eat the yours. This Snake wants to eat all kinds of fast foods l...

Swing City

62.40K Plays

Swing City is a addictive physics based game, free play it. Get ready to Swing across the city and avoid signs, cars and more! How far can you go? Collect coins and discover secrets to unlock more characters and prize...

Lost in Time

62.36K Plays

Lost in Time. You awake to find yourself lost out of your time. The powerful Time Lord is intent on disrupting the time-space continuum. He sends Time Bots to capture you.Solve a series of challenging puzzles, retriev...

Blocky Snakes

60.46K Plays

Blocky Snakes. Slithering snakes in a 3d world where player to join in the match in order to beat others. Rule to become the grand snake in game is to eat others and grow longer. with power ups and collect able items ...

CrazySteve io

58.64K Plays

CrazySteve io was created for fun and fast fighting that you can play on all browsers. The main task and be the coolest. Collect diamonds and apples that appear on the map. For diamonds, you charge more experience tha...