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Thrill Rush 3

90.20K Plays

Thrill Rush 3 is one of our exciting rollercoaster games. This girls fun day at the theme park just jumped the tracks Help her find a way off this crazy coaster.

Thrill Rush 4

68.34K Plays

Thrill Rush 4 is one of our exciting rollercoaster games, play it at Games18plus. This girls fun day at the theme park just jumped the ultimate coaster tracks. Giant gaps will appear out of nowhere You need to pass ea...

Desktop Racing 2

58.41K Plays

Desktop Racing 2 is a car racing game that you can play on Games18Plus. Race your toy cars and collect coins along the way. Perform amazing stunts to earn boosts. Drive the car over the tracks on a messy office desk. ...

Traffic Turn

56.80K Plays

Traffic Turn is one of our traffic control games, play it at Games18plus. Built with Html5, which should run in all browsers.

Car Racing 3D

51.74K Plays

Car Racing 3D is one of our driving games, play it at Games18plus. Hit the open road, pedal to the metal. Collect the coins, power-ups and fuel to advance further on the tracks. These cars can really move fast, so han...

Subway Bunny Run

50.62K Plays

Subway Bunny Run is a addictive running game, free play it. Our bunny is on the run and a little mischievous. Rabbit wants to collect lots of carrot for this christmas, because this city is full of obstacles. Be caref...

East Endless Runner

49.96K Plays

East Endless Runner. Run jump, collect coins and fly with the hang glider! Dodge cars, trucks, trains, traffic and avoid obstacles on the way. East Endless Runner is a arcade runner game, free play. Conquer each level...

Water Slide 3D

37.20K Plays

Water Slide 3D. Hit the water slides for some summertime fun. Collect coins for special upgrades as you progress through the slides. Avoid all objects that might injure your character. You have a limited number of liv...

Africa Jeep Race

30.45K Plays

Africa Jeep Race is a racing game you can play for Free on Games18plus. Drive on dusty roads of Africa? There are 12 different racing routes in the game. Race with your friend or computer!

Temple Escape

30.44K Plays

Temple Escape is a 3D running game that you can play on Games18Plus. Run, Jump and evade the rolling ball that is chasing you.

Frisbee Forever 2

28.45K Plays

Frisbee Forever 2, experience a fun arcade game with one of the world's most beloved toys! Dive and glide along the edge of erupting volcanoes, fly majestically above snow covered China or admire your reflection in th...

Battle Hero

18.44K Plays

Battle Hero is a awesome defensive game for adults and teens. Google Play download not required because it's not an app. Your Gunner is being attacked by the other enemies. You need to protect your Gunner. Try to Dest...

Penguin Diner 2

12.08K Plays

#PenguinDiner2, a fun restaurant game for teens and adults. Penny the Penguin is back home and ready to serve once more! Unsatisfied with the quality of food after returning home, Penny decides to make some changes an...

Dune Rider

10.44K Plays

Dune Rider a flight game for adults. Jump above the line to score points, the higher you get, the harder the impact will be on landing! Don't crash and die! Easy to learn hard to master is the best quote for this game...

Baby Race Galaxy

8.72K Plays

Baby Race Galaxy is one of our racing games to play. Race with the lad to win upgrade his gears and make this journey fast. Choose accessories and wings to make him look cool through his journey.

Cartoon Racing 3D

7.09K Plays

Cartoon Racing 3D is one of our racing car games to play. Cars can transform themselves into real robots and destroy all the obstacles and opponents on they way to win the race of destiny. Feel speed, as you tear down...

Unicorn Runner

5.85K Plays

Run, Jump & Slide with your little Pony in a new horse running game with exciting fun unicorns to select. Run as fast as you can in this new Unicorn runner games! Enjoy the magical running adventure with little cute U...


5.41K Plays

CarJack is one of our racing car games to play. Race down the highway at hypersonic speeds against players from around the globe. You are racing away from the cops on a highway full of traffic in rush hour. Don't make...

Trace Runs

3.22K Plays

Trace Runs. Help these pen's reach the finish line. Avoid the obstacles on the messy desk before your pen runs our of ink! Built with Unity and should run in all browsers.Game ControlsMobile: Touch s...

Gold Digger FRVR

602 Plays

Gold Digger FRVR is one of our digging games. Take your pick-axe and your helmet and start drilling! Let’s dig, build ladders, and find tons of gold and fossil's. But be aware of the giant rocks, they will crush and k...

Pepperoni Gone Wild

57 Plays

Pepperoni Gone Wild a platform game for adults. Escape the giant Pepperoni pizza before it crushes you! Mamma Mia it's a big tasty pizza. Collect coins , use the coins to unlock new skills, more skins such as motorcyc...