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Forest Survival

81.93K Plays

Forest Survival is one of our survivor games. Your game character has fallen in the forest as a result of a plane crash must find food and shelter, as well as defend yourself from frightening native cannibals.

GoodGame Empire

78.50K Plays

GoodGame Empire. Build your own empire, create a powerful army and fight epic player versus player battles. Crush your enemies, conquer land and rise to be the ruler of a mighty empire! Do you have what it takes to ta...

Blocky Farm

61.37K Plays

Blocky Farm is a Mmo world of Blocky Farmers. Manage country lands, take care of animals, harvest fields, deliver goods to your local business partners and create friendship with people from around the world. Create a...

Klondike the Lost Expedition

57.16K Plays

Your adventure begins in Klondike the Lost Expedition! Meet local people who can teach you how to work the land. Complete all kinds of tasks and continue further along the path that will one day reunite your hero's fa...

Wars of Worlds

48.48K Plays

Wars of Worlds build a future world. You get to choose to choose the fighters and the gods at war. Train your warriors and go into battle.

Create Your House

47.33K Plays

Create Your House. Grab some friends and build your own house. Or a castle, store, or anything else your creative heart desires! More free games like Create Your House : House Of Doom, Leaks From The Sewers and Slendr...

Knights And Brides

41.24K Plays

Knights And Brides. Engage in a charming adventure of royal descent. Create a character of prince or princess. By Vizor Interactive Ltd. You were given a Royal Estate in need of a few repairs. Luckily a magical gnome ...

Robot Police Iron Panther

37.15K Plays

Robot Police Iron Panther, a fight to the death game for teens and adults. When the monster alien come to attack the earth, there's no body can save us except the police robot. Build your own Iron Panther robot and fi...

Lordz 2

34.34K Plays

In Lordz 2 build the biggest conquest to take over the land. With new territories to grow your kingdom and unlock the best heroes! Tons of new buildings to unlock, new soldiers, walls to protect your base and more! Ma...

Archer ro

26.39K Plays

Archer ro is a strategy game in which the player can build it's empire and use his hero archer to defend against endless waves of zombies. Features: - Endless levels - Multiple buildings - Upgrades - Strategy gameplay...

RollerCoaster Creator Express

15.23K Plays

RollerCoaster Creator Express is one of our roller coaster building games, play it at Games18plus. Build a roller coaster with corkscrews curves loops and many more track options to complete a coaster in amazing theme...

Forge of Empires

7.56K Plays

Forge of Empires. Travel through the ages and build up your own empire. Play now online! Active community. No download needed. Prove your skills as a powerful ruler and develop your city through the ages in this onli...

Mini Craft

7.55K Plays

Mini Craft. Rebuild sandbox world in the cool online game. Explore an minecraft caves and build nice places in this cool minecraft inspired construction game.

Fort Building

7.15K Plays

Fort Building. Build your own fortress and design a new world. Build floors, walls or stairs. Hone your building and design skills. A Fortnite clone.

Merge All

5.54K Plays

Merge All. Make your own Airline! Ever wanted to be Pilot ? The game is simple - you have a plot of land, and it’s your job to buy plane. Make your plane the best they can be. Controls: mouse or tap

Dogs Garden

5.53K Plays

Dogs Garden. You know the game The Sims! So now you're going to take care of a big family, a dog pack. In the game you will find nine breeds of dogs and you can take care of all of them. Try to be happy by having thei...

Tower Building

5.45K Plays

Tower Building. Build the highest skyscraper which is belong to you. Keep on stacking blocks to build your massive tower and unlock new levels. Construct your own skyscraper that reaches to the sky. Have fun!

Buildroyale io

5.36K Plays

Buildroyale io is a fun casual game about just building blocks. Build your dream fort and battle world-wide opponents. With pick axe in hand, build your empire.


5.13K Plays

SpaceTown. As a commander of the galaxy's space crew, you are building a future city in the midst of an abandoned space station. But beware! This place is plagued with hordes of extraterrestrial species. Built with Ht...

WorldCraft 2

4.40K Plays

WorldCraft 2. Choose one of the four worlds and start transforming it according to your imagination. Build a house bnext to the water or in the mountains high and far from everything. Demolish the old and build the ne...

Stair Runners

3.48K Plays

Play Stair Runners at Games 18Plus!