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Bubble Shooter Gold Mining

65.53K Plays

Bubble Shooter Gold Mining. It is a classical bubble shooter game; mine the gold hidden among the bubbles. There will be 60 challenging levels. In each level you will find a different challenge with 'different type of...

Professor Bubble

64.51K Plays

Professor Bubble is one of our bubble shooter games. A simple match game, shoot in 3 or more balls with same colors, and get high score! Built with Html5, which should run in all browsers.

Bubble Shooter Vanilla

63.42K Plays

A Bubble Shooter Vanilla game is a very simple in design. Shoot round bubbles at a pile of pre-existing colored bubbles and match at least 3 of them at a time. Built with Html5 H5, which should run in all browsers dir...

Endless Spinning

53.18K Plays

Have fun with matching puzzle and playing Endless Spinning game. The thing you need to do is shoot the balls to make the same color balls in 3-match and disappear them. When the ball arrived the hole. More bubble popp...

Marble Blast

45.24K Plays

Marble Blast is a free match 3 game you can play at Games18plus. Shoot and combine at least 3 same-marbles and stop the line of marbles before they reach the end.

Bubble Shooter Xmas Pack

40.45K Plays

Bubble Shooter Xmas Pack. Get ready for the most exciting and super cool christmas fun. Help collect the Xmas lights before they chase you. There is 36 levels to play Bubble Shooter Xmas Pack is a addictive arcade gam...

Bubble Shooter Golden Football

36.59K Plays

Bubble Shooter Golden Football is a classical bubble shooter game. You need to collect all the Golden Footballs by eliminating the other balls. Aim and release the ball in order to combine it with other similar balls...

Bubble Shooter Easter

35.63K Plays

Bubble Shooter Easter is a Classical bubble shooter game with many new items and power ups. Aim and release the Egg in order to combine it with other similar Eggs. Use power-ups to overcome the challenges.Use mo...

Bubble Gold Mining

35.54K Plays

Bubble Gold Mining is one of our bubble shooter games. Mine for the gold hidden among the bubbles. With 60 fun filled levels, find different types of bubbles and power ups to complete the game. Built with Html5, which...

Aqua Bubble Shooter

35.50K Plays

Aqua Bubble Shooter. Shoot the multi-colored bubble pearls in this under water bubble shooter game.

Bubble Farm

35.47K Plays

Bubble Farm a bubble shooter game on the farm. Complete a level to unlock the next level, each level have a different difficulty and challenge. Your brain needs to think quickly to match 3 or more farm animals. Free g...

Sweet Candy Mania

18.39K Plays

Sweet Candy Mania. Start shooting and match colorful candies to progress further. Little Fluffy needs your help! His family was captured after crash landing on the Candy Planet. Overcoming various obstacles to free th...

Colors Swap

12.05K Plays

Colors Swap. Bounce high into the air and change colors on your way up. Time your jumps jso that you move through each level. Have fun!

Ghost Bubbles

11.53K Plays

Ghost Bubbles. Remove all the ghosts in this halloween bubble shooter game.

Bubble Shooter Puddings

11.06K Plays

Play Bubble Shooter Puddings at Games 18Plus! Tasty puddings and power ups. Aim and release the items in order to make a group of three.

Halloween Shooter

10.44K Plays

Halloween Shooter, a match 3 arcade game for teens and adults. The goal of the game is to clear all the pumpkins from the level avoiding any pumpkin crossing the bottom line. Shoot in three or more balls with similar ...

Bubble Shooter Pro

8.96K Plays

Play Bubble Shooter Pro at Games 18Plus!

Aqua Blitz 2

8.51K Plays

Aqua Blitz 2 the newest match-3 game. Complete Daily Missions to earn extra coins and Boosters, or play the Daily Challenge to earn extra stars that might help you unlock treasure chests and gates to new levels. Meet ...

Bubble Pop Adventures

6.05K Plays

Bubble Pop Adventures a mushroom mom needs your help. Rescue the trapped young mushrooms using the matching colored balls. Get points and bonuses for original decisions. Play with different colored bubbles and special...

Bubble Woods

5.45K Plays

Bubble Woods. Pop bubbles in the magical forest and earn as many points as you can in 60 seconds!

Bubble Shooter

4.76K Plays

Bubble Shooter. These shooters know how to tower defend. Shoot 3 or more bubbles, even though some of them are wearing helmets for protection. You'll have to shoot them twice.