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Color Horror

55.23K Plays

Color Horror. Match your snake with the colored blocks. Destroy as many as you can and try to survive.Tap to change direction of your snake and match the snake color to the blocks.More free games like Color H...

Blocky Wars Advanced Combat SWAT

53.29K Plays

Blocky Wars Advanced Combat SWAT free to play against fighting much enemy AI like soldier and zombie, 5 game modes like gun game, survival, TDM, DM and much more, multiplayer play with friends and offline with 40 leve...

Cube City Wars

34.80K Plays

Cube City Wars a shooter game for adults. In this war, the player who uses weapons, cars and airdrops better then the other player, wins the struggle. Imagine a city which is created by cubes and in this city there ar...

Atari Breakout

33.65K Plays

Atari Breakout, a retro arcade game for teens and adults. A ball moves straight around the screen, bouncing off the top and two sides. Choose between the different modes ‘double’,‘cavity’ or ‘progressive’ with each a ...

Superhero Tower

31.47K Plays

Superhero Tower is one of our building games, free play it. Ready your building skills for a massive tower. Avoid building off center or your tower will eventually topple. Welcome Superhero to B.C. building trades. yo...

Jewels Blocks Puzzle

27.38K Plays

Jewels Blocks Puzzle is a addictive puzzle game. Drag and drop jewel blocks to fill the empty gap. Complete a row to score points. Complete 2 rows or more to score bonus points. Play until you run out of turns. Fans o...

Smash Hit

21.44K Plays

Smash Hit. Tap on pyramids or boxes to aim and shoot, do your best to win the highest score!

Candy Puzzle Blocks Halloween

19.43K Plays

Candy Puzzle Blocks Halloween love the Tetris game, you love candy games, you also love the Halloween holiday! This game is dedicated to you. Happy Halloween! Play now!HowTo Play Mouse Interact. Drag the candy b...

Super Stacker 3

15.39K Plays

Super Stacker 3. After almost a decade Super Stacker returns with 40 fun new levels to challenge your problem solving and stacking skills.

Face Breaker

15.33K Plays

Face Breaker a enjoyable puzzle game for teens and adults. You use a paddle to destroy all the blocks, to hit your square-face-ball, like in a weird tennis match! Hit and destroy all the blocks as soon as you can. Aft...

Pixel Escape 2

9.35K Plays

Pixel Escape 2. Avoid obstacles and an enemy attack. Help the Pixel to escape from each level by avoiding traps and solving puzzles. Collect coins which can be used to revive and unlock characters.

Totem Volcano

7.47K Plays

Protect the villagers from the anger of the volcano! Remove the blocks carefully or the whole thing might tumble down!

Boxes Physic

6.75K Plays

Boxes Physic. Click to destroy the blocks and make them fall. Hit other blocks to take them down quickly. Have fun!

The Sea Rush

4.77K Plays

Use your imagination and discover what the ocean holds. Rescue all the fishes that are scattered in the levels and see all of their beautiful colors. Match 3 blocks or more to destroy the blocks and clear them from th...

Pattern Puzzles

4.22K Plays

Play Pattern Puzzles at Games 18Plus!

Parrot And Friends

4.14K Plays

Parrot And Friends is one of our fun arcade games that you can play for Free. Pet tetris, survive as long as possible, having fun making lines and combos. Try to reach the next levels an beat your highest score! Made ...

Stair Runners

3.48K Plays

Play Stair Runners at Games 18Plus!

Amazing Cube Adventure

3.35K Plays

Amazing Cube Adventure. Jump above the cube path. Timing is a good jacket. Have fun!

Flappy Cube

3.15K Plays

Flappy Cube. Help our cube friend fly, she's new to flying. Avoid the spikes by flipping the cube left and right. Eat food to get extra points but avoid the black birds.

Tower vs Tower

3.05K Plays

Tower vs Tower. How many cubes can you balance by dropping the cubes with a plane? A tower defense game where you build up your tower and hope it survives the attack.

Blocks Battle

2.55K Plays

Blocks Battle. Classic tetris is here. Fit the blocks together to win! Have fun!