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Sector 781

200.97K Plays

Sector 781 a 8bit platform game for adults. Battle your way through 3 realms. Upgrade your character and weapons; collect shards to increase your energy supply. Use teleports to navigate around the realms. Shoot thing...

Arcade Baseball

23.12K Plays

Arcade Baseball game. Try to get on base or hold the record for the longest double or triple hit. More baseball games Baseball Fury and Baseball Hero. Have fun!Press p for the pitch Press space to swing 3 outs...

Pixel War

17.45K Plays

Pixel War. Shoot the pixel invaders before they kill us. Have fun!


8.65K Plays

Play Ms PACMAN at Games 18Plus!

Battle City

5.77K Plays

Battle City. An old school tank battle game. Shoot and hide or die. Destroy all your opponents! Collect bonus items to protect yourself or increase your power of destruction with crazy weapons!


33 Plays

Reap a 8bit platform game for adults. Take life and give it back to anything that moves. When something is out of life it moves slower. Use this mechanic to solve puzzles.A/D or Arrows to move Space/W/Up arrow ...

Jakes 8bit Arcade

12 Plays

Have fun with coin-ops and playing Jakes 8bit Arcade game. Play the games in jakes arcade including Street fighter, Fruit ninja, and Broken Bones racing. More arcade games Arcade or Sonic. Have fun!Click on an a...


4 Plays

Have fun with coin-ops and playing Arcade game. Manage and run an arcade! Take part in a job opportunity of a life time. Buy all games, earn money, satisfy the customers, complete achievements and make your arcade Gre...

Pixel Jump Ultimate

4 Plays

Have fun with coin-ops and playing Pixel Jump Ultimate game. How far can you Jump in this highly addictive 8bit pixel jumping game? Collect power ups, smash enemies, complete missions, earn medals, unlock tons of char...

idle arcade – make lvl

3 Plays

In idle arcade - make lvl Create a level and earn money on it! The more difficult you make the level, the more money will be given for completing it. To do this, use different blocks: teleports, platforms, etc. More l...