Zombie Apocalypse Bunker Survival Z Games 18plus

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Zombie Apocalypse Bunker Survival Z. A free online multiplayer shooter against all of the dead! AI like soldier and realistic zombie, 5 game modes like gun game, survival, TDM, DM and much more, multiplayer play with friends and camo + attachments at each gun. Built with Webgl and should run in all browsers.


Game Controls

  • Use WASD - move. Mouse - shooting, aim, look around, change gun. SPACE - jump. TAB - menu. SHIFT - run.


  • Zombie Apocalypse Bunker Survival Z. You have 3 maps to blow the crap out of with all your friends. Also survival and gun game will make you gush with fear.

Release Date

  • September 2020

Game Author

  • Best Crazy Games

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