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The Last Stand is a 3D first person survival shooter. Survive on the land, where life is no more a thing. Everywhere is a death. The player starts with 3 weapons. One range 9mm pistol and 2 melee weapons. Survive the waves, earn the money and buy new better guns. This your last stand against the waves of Zombies, that are trying to kill you. Get your guns loaded and survive against them as long as possible with more than 10 different types of guns at your disposal from Machine guns, revolvers, shotgun to rocket launcher or melee weapons. You can even hire a companion to help you with your battle. Slice enemy into pieces because their limbs can be torn apart. Space shooter alien or Stupid Zombies. Have fun.

PC Use WASD = move. mouse = shoot. shift = run. f = buy. tab = pause.

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