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T.R.E.V.O.R. 4

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T.R.E.V.O.R. 4 is 3D action shooting game. If you know GTA series you will find similarities. Play as Trevor in a 4th instalement. Do missions, buy guns and steal cars. Meet the continuation of the adventures of T.r.e.v.o.r. – the most unbalanced character in the games Extereme Games. In the fourth part you will enjoy the new city – T.r.e.v.o.r. left his ranch and moved to his buddies in the city. Harmful habits in combination with an explosive nature involve him in constant parties with the consequences. The game implements the behavior of a drunken T.r.e.v.o.r. through an attempt to aim the target at any target. You are waited by absolutely free many hours game plot and beautiful online city. wheelie buddy. Have fun.

PC Use WASD = move. mouse = shoot. e = interaction. space = jump. shift = run. p = pause. 1, 2 = weapons. v = camera. u = open parachute.

57 / 100